Happy Full Moon Sagittarius!

First, let me play rumor control. I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter online about a massive, major, super-duper energy shift that is supposed to occur during this full moon, and I can tell you, that’s crap. Why? Most people that are advertising that are the ones that say that every super moon/full moon combination, and the fact we have Mercury stationing today supposedly means it will manifest that way. However, as I’m sure any of us can see from evaluating our lives, especially in context of many of the recent full moons, that has hardly been the case, so why should we expect it to be true now, when it really hasn’t been true before? Astrology is a science, which means scientific method of thinking is espoused. That means we look at the situations and see what they have to say to us, rather than project desires onto the situation. Ergo, if you’ve seen that claptrap many times before, and it hasn’t come to pass before, why would one expect it to be true now? That’s just silly. And, better yet, because I’m feeling a little more confrontational about this, this morning, why would people read that incorrect information? I’ll leave that open-ended and rhetorical, though. I’m just pointing out if something is wrong for you, then don’t do it or use it.

Instead, let us turn our attention to what is ~really~ happening. First of all, yes, we have a full moon on the Sagittarius Gemini axis. We also have Mercury stationing to go retrograde. Saturn and Mercury are blended together at the tail end degree of Sagittarius, and there is an aspect pattern present called a “Yod,” AKA “Finger of Fate,” or “Finger of God,” which is occurring between Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, and the Moon in Gemini. True, there is a high concentration of planets in Sagittarius right now, but that happens every year at this time, so that really doesn’t mean much more than it has in previous years. And that’s about it. Yes, there are some profound things to note, but massive energy shift? Not friggin hardly. Let’s break this down piece by piece.

First of all, the full moon aspect. Now is the time you may find tension present between enjoying a variety of things or one particular thing in depth. Yes, variety IS the spice of life (a common Gemini concept), but “jack of all trades, master of none” is also in effect here. From a personal development perspective, this means it is time to do some internal soul searching, and see what is the best way to proceed: Through a superficial understanding of a lot of things, or an in-depth understanding of one thing. Of course this answer will be different for each person, but that is the true crux of where we find ourselves now.

Making the situation more interesting is that Mercury is currently stationing, getting ready to go retrograde. This means you may have a lot of things calling for your attention that need re-visited; “re” being a key prefix during all Mercury retrogrades. What makes this particular retrograde interesting is that Mercury is blended with Saturn in what is the final point of Sagittarius, so you may find that now is not only a good time to revisit things, it may also be a good time to let things go that no longer serve your greatest growth and good. This is more of a relaease type Mercury retrograde, rather than a revisit and “do-over” type of retrograde. This is the kind of retrograde where you circle back to things in order to shut the door on them for good. What’s also interesting about this Mercury and Saturn blend is that both of those planets are blended with galactic core. This tells us two very potent things: 1) For those that channel, this is the perfect time to contact more cosmic energies and entities rather than ones that are just found in this solar system. 2) What comes up now and during the Mercury retrograde just beginning are things that ~should~ put your attention on the macrocosm, or bigger picture and state of being, rather than the microcosm, or personality self-centered subjects. Remember the Hermetic axiom that is as true today as it was centuries ago: “As above, so below, as within, so without. Making the changes mentioned above regarding Sagittarius and Gemini can bring you in greater alignment with the greater whole of existence.

And finally, there is the “Yod” aspect pattern. Generally speaking, this is known as a fated aspect, and shows where fate might step in and put you in a position to make changes, but if you choose not to, you don’t miss out on anything per se, but rather you keep going along on the same level. Pluto in Capricorn is all about transformation that has to do with gracefully stepping into the next mature level of life on a personal level, and on a social level we are seeing that deep rooted changes are occurring in society, especially authoritarian structures. Jupiter in Scorpio is all about the expansion of business and the occult, but a darker manifestation of this are all of the sex scandals that are coming to light in the USA. Hence you can see the commonalities between the two are business and shared resources. The Midpoint between these two, which is generally looked at to be the trigger for manifestation, is the Sun in Sagittarius, which tells us the way to approach these changes is through optimism, expansion, freedom, investments, and foreign influences. The opposite point in this aspect pattern is the Moon in Gemini, which tells us its time to do some research and communicate with others to see where one should go from here. So when you put it all together, it means it is time to get to work researching and learning what to do next, and how to integrate with others to accomplish our goals, whether professional, personal, spiritual, or religious. This is a time of connectivity, but specifically as it applies to reasearch, forethought, and planning. Changes are happening, and they will continue to happen, but with this full moon we are given the choice: get caught up in them, or be proactive in surfing them. It is also wise to remember that change is the only constant, so resisting it or fearing it is just juvenile and emotionally stunted. Are we going to be the drowning victim, caught up in this sea of changes, or are we going to be the surfer that rides the wave of change?

I hope this wasn’t too technical on the astrological side, but after seeing all of the junk astrology that is out there on the Internet, I felt compelled to clear the air so that we can all grow under our guidance and control.


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