Happy Full Moon Virgo!


Today is the full moon in Virgo, and while the Sun is in Virgo, then Moon is in sensitive and psychic Pisces. On the surface no two signs are as opposite as these two. Often times signs that are the opposite of each other can easily be found to compliment each other, and while this is true in this case, this is a very difficult coupling to reconcile. Virgo is down to earth and practical. It’s very physical plane oriented, while Pisces is most times the opposite. Pisces is the energy of the visionary and of the spirit. Dealing with the physical plane is often times challenging for fishes, as their attention is elsewhere. Their attention is in the spirit realm, and in particular communing with the beings that are found there. This is often times happening subconsciously, though, and because of this many Pisces get lost in their own little worlds. To be fair, though, Virgos often times get lost on the physical plane, and don’t necessarily seek the spirit enough, but they do eventually adapt because it’s in their nature to do so. Pisces are adaptable, but it’s more in line with apathy, which, as we know, is almost never a good thing.

So, what exactly can be done during this full moon? The answer is easy, yet can be the hardest. The answer is work. Good old fashioned hard work, making the spirit made manifest on the physical plane. Virgos excel at hard work, and often times this is the bane of the Pisces existence. However, this moon is an excellent time to decide on a plan to make the spirit visions real and with physical results. This is the time to come up with a plan, and then to put steps in place to actualize them. In other words, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work when it comes to calling spirit down. It does take discipline, though, so be forewarned.

This doesn’t necessarily mean ~just~ hard work, but rather working smarter. Through this approach adaptation becomes the norm rather than the exception. Here is where Piscean energy can really be seen in all of it’s glory, for Pisces are generally visionary in nature, which sometimes makes their journey harder. At this time I encourage everyone to make a plan and then to execute over the next lunar month. It’s time to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into bringing your spiritual vision into reality. So, what will you ~do~ with this time? Will you get lost in your inner daydreams, or will you produce results on the physical plane that others can learn from and use to evolve? As always, the choice is yours.




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