Happy Full Moon Virgo!


Today is the day of the full moon, Virgo. It is also known as the harvest moon. This is worth noting because it really refers to a two-fold occurrence. Both are predicated around what we have already worked towards, and things that occur on the back end of things rather than the front end of things.

To begin with, the harvest moon is a wonderful time to take stock of our blessings. This is a time to be thankful for what we have in our lives. Some of the cynics that read this may think something to the effect of: “Yeah, I’ve got SO much to be thankful for!” So let me begin by saying that it would be wise to remain humble. Do you have a roof over your head? If you do, then you’re blessed. Do you have good health? If you do, then you are blessed. Do you have the type of love in your life that is in line with your will? Then you are blessed. Do you have a bank account that has at least one penny in it? Then you are blessed. I could go on and on with this topic, because in my personal opinion, not enough people are grounded in the real world to count the blessings that I mentioned above. IF one has a bank account with at least one penny in it, then they are among the richest 10% of the PLANET. After all, money is just a physical representation of energy. And, when you break it down to the brass tacks, at least here in America, money is just paper with dead men on it, nothing more, nothing less.  Counting blessings is a wise choice, and one that can provide stable grounding to build a life from. Its not necessary to keep up with the Jones’, particularly if their dysfunctional behind closed doors. And, for the tragic PC disclaimer, no offense meant to any Jones’ that may read this. One person’s victory is another person’s low point, and only by keeping a healthy sense of perspective on these blessings, can one truly embrace the joy that is life.

It should be obvious by now that this is one of my favorite full moons!

The other point that this moon brings to our awareness is that during this moon, and moving forward for the fourth quarter of the year, we will be harvesting what seeds we planted in spring. So, we are repeating the fruits of our labor. Here again, the cynic may have a negative spin, but this is the fact of the matter. How is this so? Quite simply, there is a rhythm and a cycle to life, and either we embrace it and ride it, or we close ourselves off to it, thus creating a bigger train wreck down the road. If one doesn’t like some of the fruits that they see in their life, then it is wise to analyze what seeds have created this, and how this can be better managed next year, when the cycle begins anew.

I send all of you blessings of a wonderful, bountiful, abundant and prosperous, in all areas of life.



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    Very insightful, Bill! A great reminder to show our gratitude as we celebrate this time of harvest!

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      Hey there,
      Sorry, I don’t get notifications on this like I should. Thank you for that! I’m glad you enjoyed it!