Happy Full Moon Scorpio!


Just a few hours ago we had the full moon, with the Sun being in tropical Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. What an interesting situation can be found in the union of these two opposites. To begin with, Scorpio energy is the energy of analysis, getting to the root of things, and transformation. It is also a sign that is associated with taking care of business, literally and figuratively. It is the sign of passion, focus, and tenacity. Then on the other hand you have Taurus. Taurus is the energy of consistency, the energy of managing your resources, the energy of hard work, and the energy of values. Yes, you are correct if you’re thinking to yourself that there is more to each of these signs than what I’m mentioning here, but as with all things, it’s best for all of us if I keep it brief. Hence this full moon is all about finding the middle ground between being too obsessive yet too laid back. Both are fixed signs, which means that they enjoy their patterns and routines, yet they differ widely when it comes to ~how~ to accomplish their goals. As you can tell though, part of this also has to do with what exactly the goals are that each sign works towards. Scorpio goals are those that stimulate the blood and bring out the emotions, whereas often times Taurus goals are consistency, longevity, and practicality. I will put a disclaimer in here, though, because yes, each sign has these traits, but there are many other features that each side has, too.

What makes this full moon extra special though is the supporting cast of characters that are in play. To start off, with currently have a Moon sextile Neptune aspect occurring and a Moon trine Pluto. Without getting too deep into it, I will highlight what this gives us. Moon sextile Neptune gives us the positive vision that we may want to create in our lives. An overly used saying sums it up: “Envision that which you choose to create,” and in this case, truer words have never been spoken. Now is the time to visualize and work towards your vision of your life and your future. Part of this is also the fact that it may be easier to do now than at other times. The Moon trine Pluto reminds us that changes take time, though, so it reminds us that “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” to use another overused phrase. While we may have clarity of vision when it comes to how we want to build our lives, that doesn’t necessarily make it so, just for thinking about it, but rather we have to put the work into it to make it manifest, and this is like tending a flower garden, for we cannot force a flower to open, but rather we have to wait for time and season.

In this season there are a lot of things happening in my world, and the website is full of upcoming events, such as the classes that are scheduled, the psychic fairs being read at, and the opportunities that exist to catch what you may have missed, such as my presentation on the largest astrology conference in recorded history, AstroSummit 2.0! However, there are several other things in the works right now, too, including a free webinar I will be hosting in conjunction with Kepler College in January, so as always, stay tuned!

Lately I’ve been in the mood to give homework to people that show up for my classes and presentations, and I would like to continue that here. We’re all fans of homework, right? Anyway, here’s your homework, should you choose to accept it. On this day, write down what you want your life to be like beginning in January of 2016, and put that paper somewhere where you will see it, yet it blends into your subconscious. Take about ten minutes a day to review it and think about it, and at the end of November, see how that has changed who you are and what you intend to create. After that though, you’re on your own, because you may see that there are certain changes to be made to realize this, but those changes may take time, so be patient and prepared to work!



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