Happy Full Moon Scorpio!


Here we are on the cusp of November 11, 2011, which most people that are metaphysically focused have made special note of, due to the 11-11 correspondences. I’m not going to get into that side of things here, but suffice to say for now that this full moon is a little more intense than other full moons of the year. Those of you that read this blog on a regular schedule will notice that there is a lot going on, astrologically speaking, and it just keeps getting more and more intense. It is wise to keep in mind that all of this began in 2008, and will climax next year. Of course this will bleed over into 2013, but the bulk of it will be done by just about this time next year. I explain all of this here because a lot of people have asked me about the craziness and extreme polarities in behavior that many people are exhibiting, and I respond the same: its astrological in nature. This is true, and it is worth remembering because most of this pressure that is being felt is due to the aspect patterns that are frequently occurring at this moment in history.

But, there is a caveat to put on this statement, and that is that WE control our responses to said astrological pressure. We dictate how it manifests, and that’s the beginning and the end of it. Its called personal responsibility, and the only way to understand it is to use it.

Also of note today is that Neptune went direct. Neptune is associated with mysticism, metaphysics, the imagination, creativity, denial, escapism, and inspiration, among other things. It is also considered a higher vibration of Venus, so it is all things Venusian, only of a lesser physical manifestation. It is the muse to the goddess Venus.

So where I’m going with this is that, if all of this happened today, and is occurring right before 11-11, is it any wonder that things are more intense? Oh, and I forgot to mention that Mercury goes retrograde on Thanksgiving day! And all of this doesn’t even tie into the solar flare cycle, and the near miss asteroid!

This full moon axis is focused on how one handles resources. Scorpio (shared) and Taurus (personal) both address this How are you handling your resources? In what areas of life is there an opportunity to improve resource management? Why is it wise to pursue this? When people get pressured, the react extremely, and thus you have what is occurring right now. So wouldn’t it make sense to go inwards? I don’t know about you, but I tend to not engage in those that are negative or extremists, and there seem to be a lot of them out there.

Rev Bill

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  1. Daniela
    Posted November 23, 2011 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

    “Its called personal responsibility, and the only way to understand it is to use it.” …. among all other important notes you wrote, this one crosses into so many important of our existence that I imagine it being typed in bold font 😉