Happy Full Moon Libra!


Once again we find ourselves at that auspicious time of the full moon, and this month’s promises to be a wonderful herald of what’s to come in the next 28 days or so. To begin with, remember that a full moon is the time that the tides are in, and the magnetic field of the Earth is at it’s strongest. Hence, the energy is very strong right now, and particularly sensitive to vibrations. In astrologese, there is a T-square aspect currently between the Sun, Moon/Uranus conjunction, and Pluto, in the cardinal signs of Libra, Aries, and Capricorn, respectively. Hence there is some tension in the air, but this really isn’t the new part of the equation. As a matter of fact, when the Sun moves out of orb, things will go back to the slightly less intense square between Uranus and Pluto. What activates the T-square is the Sun, and the Moon lends her energy as well, making this time one of great intensity.

So, what does this mean, as far as tapping into the energy goes? A T-square is a time of great tension. It can be seen as a time of agitation, potentially shaking things loose that are otherwise stagnant and locked into place. Hence, when the Sun and Moon come along and lend their energies to it, it makes it an ideal time to shake things up, provided you answer 1 question clearly. That question is: “How well do you handle pressure?” If you handle pressure well, then this is a perfect time for you. However, if you buckle under pressure, then this might stir things up a little too much for your liking. If you respond to pressure very well, then you may want to consider activating this full moon with focused intent, no matter how you accomplish it. Whether its a spell, a ceremony, a puja, or a prayer, you are in a position to send that focused intent out into the universe. But be forewarned: You may get what your intent is, but things will be stirred up in the name of manifesting it, so plan accordingly.

Why do I encourage activating this full moon energy, you may ask? The fact of the matter is that we’re one more full moon closer to Winter Solstice 2012, and we all know what that means! Every day from now until then is more valuable than the last, even when put into context of living in the now. Observation, awareness, maintaining an even keel, and responsibly acting are all very valuable skills to use right now, and this is an excellent full moon for activating them within the self.

Finally, keep in mind that there is also a Mercury retrograde coming up in November, so it would be wise to begin making the necessary adjustments, if applicable. The fourth quarter of 2012 is set to be a doozy, so I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I will!




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