Happy Full Moon Capricorn


This is a new year, and hence there will be a new focus for this blog. However, it will not deviate in a radical direction, but rather in a linear one. Well, as linear as it can be. To begin with, as a lot of you may have noticed, sleep has been something of an issue for so. I assure you that is astrological in nature for the most part. You see, the Moon’s own sign is Cancer, and hence as we move into the time when then Moon is in her sign, things become more energetic overall. Increased energy equals more energy if one is in tune.

So here we are at the fabled 2012. So many rumors, so many tangents. Let’s face facts: It is most likely, and probably not, the end of the world. However, it is most likely an ending to a particular style of consciousness overall, so hold onto your hats! It’s most likely going to be a wild year. And, as Bill Hicks said, it’s all just a ride. So I encourage everyone to enter into this year willing and able to embrace this new year of change. After all, if the world around us is any indication, it’s going to be an interesting year.

I, myself, am starting a new class series at Pathways that is a pantheon class series that will tune into the seasons, and I’ll be starting it this Tuesday. Besides that, I will also be offering a new one shot class entitled ‘Ritual Etiquette.’ There is a lot happening in my world, and this is only the beginning. I hope this is true for everyone; not just me, and I send everyone blessings of success. Oh, and for those of you that are wondering about the weather; it is also a by-product of the stars and the solar system. But that, my friends, is something to be looked up individually. My recommendation is to start  with the comet Lovejoy that contacted the Sun not too long ago. Yes, things are a little different now, but expect them to go back to normal over about the next 10 days.

Anyway, this year ahead promises to be a year of change, and in exciting and sometimes unpredictable, yet positive ways, if one is in tune with their spiritual self, so remember, ‘It’s all just a ride.’



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