Happy Full Moon Capricorn


Today we have the Full Moon in Capricorn. And after the last week’s astrological activities, all that can be said is “Wow”! If we’ve had this much motion before the first full moon of calendar year 2011, then where will we be at the end of the calendar year? Of course before that, we are to journey to that point.

The first full moon of 2011 shows us a glimpse of what this year will bring. This is a year during which there will most likely be a lot of things like this that come up out of the blue. When I say ‘things like this’, I am referring to things that are brought to the surface to rock our worlds, especially regarding things that we thought we knew. One of the ways to handle this is to be ready to step out of the comfort zone if logic and reasons would say to do so. I also say most likely because everything depends on your perspective. If a small comfort zone, mixed with fear, is your paradigm, then this world will bring many opportunities to your door to change that. However, if you are confident, and you actively work with your comfort zone, then this year may just manifest as a wonderful shot out of a cannon, so be prepared to hang on!

On an interesting side note, let’s make a forecast here, and see what becomes of it. Between now and the next full moon, the first planet of the year goes retrograde (Saturn in Libra on January 25), so let’s watch for things associated with Saturn and how they are influenced around that time of the month. It will be on the waning moon cycle, so whatever may arise will have to do with new beginnings, cleansings, and completions.

Saturn, as a refresher, corresponds to lessons, limitations, karma, time, foundation, longevity, structure, permanency, stability, and foundation.

Libra, as a refresher, corresponds to personal relationships, diplomacy, justice, harmony, innovative thinking, the law, and peaceful surroundings.


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