Happy Full Moon Scorpio!

Earlier today was the much hyped super moon, and it was beautiful, if you could see it, wasn’t it? This one is particularly interesting because of what it can bring us if we watch for opportunities, and have been pursuing our goals consistently. The Sun is in the tropical sign of Scorpio, and the Moon in the opposite sign, Taurus. The first point to note is that each sign has to do with resources in many ways: accumulating resources, using resources, and renewing replenished resources. Hence a major theme of this full moon to watch for is an emphasis on your resources. Usually, our resources are our money and things that we have at our disposal to use, but our resources can also be our cleverness. What differentiates the two signs is that Taurus focuses on the personal resources, while Scorpio focuses on shared resources. Thus, often times Scorpio corresponds to business, or joint bank accounts, as examples. Now is the time you may notice your resources come to the surface to be addressed. You may also find that resources come to you easier and more abundantly than normal. A lot of what you may experience may also manifest as a result of the hard work you’ve put in up until now, so if you’ve been diligently working towards goals, you may find this full moon is exactly what the doctor ordered to help take it to the next level.Taking control of your resources is something that would be wise to do, and also making decisions that are in line with where you’re at from a mature perspective. Now is the time for responsibility.

Stepping away from the physical side of things though, there is something deeper that is coming to the surface, and that is the value system. What do you value, and why? It has often been said that Taurus corresponds to personal values, and thus we can infer that Scorpio corresponds to different values, but what? Shared values; i.e. values you have in common with others? Or perhaps the values of life and death, since Scorpio is the sign of transformation? Yes, you could say those, but let’s look at this: priorities. Isn’t that what’s truly being addressed here? If you value something, it is on your mind more often than not, and hence is a priority for where your energy is going. Hence, during this full moon, values, and standing apart from the crowd because of them, or standing with the crowd because of them, may come to the surface to be addressed. Wow, didn’t we just experience that here in the USA with our presidential elections last week on this waxing moon! Personal values and shared values both came to the surface to reevaluate and be exposed. There is a lot happening with that, that I’m not going to get into here, but suffice to say I think you get the picture of how this super moon’s influence may play out in your life in a non-mundane way.

I encourage everyone to seize the opportunities that present themselves, and to remain vigilant in your work as you move closer and closer to your resource goals, for this is the time you may begin to see more rewards for your work. What is occurring now will have long lasting ramifications, and the more attentive we are to the correspondences of this axis, the more we can provide for ourselves, while at the same time assisting in the lives of others.


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