Happy Full Moon Pisces!


We find ourselves at the close of the year’s theme of the native names for the full moons, and the one remaining moon is this one. This full moon has many names that are associated with it, but all of them are predicated around the same idea: spring is here! This moon is known as the “Worm Moon,” the “Crow Moon,” the “Full Crust Moon,” and even the “Full Sap Moon.” Of course everything is predicated around welcoming and embracing spring. This is the time that we plan what seeds to plant, and where we go from here. In a lot of ways we are forward thinking at this point, preparing for equinox, but in some ways we are looking for a sign. It’s been a long, hard, winter, and we are tired.

If you’ll notice, several names of this full moon have to do with signs of spring, and this we learn that this is about the time of the year when we start getting subtle reminders that spring is on her way, and is actually close by. This is the time that we get that sign from above reminding us that springtime is right around the corner. This is important to catch because it can help lift our spirits and help us prepare for the planting season that is to come.

I have a project for you. Around this time, watch for signs that are unique to you that indicate spring is around the corner, and record them in your journal. You may have already experienced signs that spring is on it’s way, and if you have, then take a few moments to record them in your journal.

The blog next year will not have a theme throughout like this one did, but who knows where I’ll go next!



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