Happy Full Moon Leo!

Greetings! Today we have the highly anticipated full moon in Leo. Not only is it a full moon, but it is a lunar eclipse, which makes it extra strong and distorted, and it is the first eclipse in the pair that culminates in the Great American Eclipse on August 21st. We also just had Uranus station retrograde, and in a few days Mercury goes retrograde in its own sign of Virgo. Of course later in the month is the second eclipse in the cycle, followed by Saturn stationing direct a few days later.

Well, what does all of this truly mean? In short, beginning a couple of weeks ago and building until now, a major focus has been on individual tolerance levels and perspectives on their lives in general. There has been a strong vibe of reflection, and by default, projection, in the air. The eclipse we had earlier today will bring more gnosis with it of an intimate and personal nature, but with that gnosis may come motivation and decisions. The Mercury retrograde follows up to help us clean out what needs to go in order for this new-ness to grow. You may also find it wise to revisit some things in the name of bringing finality to situations. This continues until around the 20th, and with the stationing of Saturn, coupled with the solar eclipse, brings about finality yet stability, preparation meeting opportunity, which is of course the definition of luck. With Saturn’s heaviness putting the final dot on the exclamation mark of preparation, you may find that your immediate external situations begin to get traction and make motion. Generally speaking, this will last for approximately the next two to three months, so as a reminder, when it comes to late November, take time to reflect on everything that has happened since the August 21st eclipse.

So for now, think and scheme, my friends. What is it time to let go of, and what should come in? This is the period of magick, for this is the time to make our declarations clear to the universe on where we are transitioning, and what we are willing to do to get there. Astrologically speaking, this month is all about regality, and stepping into your own power. The Grand fire trine on the 21st tells us that the energies of the cosmos are listening and waiting to come down, so do you answer the call?


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