Happy Full Moon Aquarius!


In just a few minutes we have the full moon in Aquarius, which happens to be a lunar eclipse as well. As has been the case for the last year or so, there has been a lot of emphasis on this full moon playing a larger than average role when it comes to astrology, but as logic also says, be your own best judge of its prominence to you. A full moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs, and as we know, the Sun is currently moving through the fixed air sign of Aquarius in the tropical zodiac, which means the Moon is in Leo. This creates an axis to pay attention to, which is the Leo Aquarius axis. What this means on a practical level is that it is wise to check your chart and see if there are any aspects to it, or to the other fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus, that may be activated during this Full Moon. Natal placements in any of these fixed signs reveal that this Full Moon will activate those life areas to life. So, for example, if these signs are in your natal 2nd and 8th houses, this tells us your resources and how you use them will be impacted dramatically over the next few months.

Let’s say that you don’t know your chart, or that you’re not particularly interested in putting things into context. In that case, there is still a lot that can be taken away from this full moon. To begin with, this is the perfect time to review your various relationships across the boards, especially when it comes to what needs changed and what is working. Since this is a lunar eclipse, it tells us the changes that will take place over the next few months will be internal in nature, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect time to make those changes when it comes to your personal relationships, this could be that time. However, as occultism has taught for centuries, if you want to make changes in your life, first make changes in yourself. “As within, so without,” as the axiom goes. The next eclipse will occur in sixteen days, and it will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse, which means the manifestations will be external in nature. To put the pieces together, this is the perfect time to make the internal changes to improve your relationships overall, and in sixteen days you will begin to see the outward manifestations that are the results of the work you do now. How much do you give to others, and how much do you keep for you? These and related questions are the ones to ponder on at the moment. By finding a healthy balance, you bring the whole of your life into being, which means you can produce better quality results in the long run.


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