Monthly Horoscopes

Horoscopes for the month of May 2017

Aries (Spring Equinox-approx. April 21st): While communication in all of its forms may be full of challenges, you may find that if you address things carefully, you can maneuver yourself into a position of wrapping some projects up to make way for new ones in a few month. Emotions may be running high though, so it would be wise to maintain extra control. You may also find this is an excellent time to take the initiative on networking and making contacts. However, as the month moves forward, you may find a lot of things start taking off, and that your schedule is extremely full. You may also find that your emotions are extra sensitive, so it would be wise to listen to them as a guide for healing.

Taurus (Approx. April 21st to approx. May 21st): Happy birthday! This is your month to treat yourself to all the sensual delights, within reason, you choose to indulge! When the month starts, you may find it prudent to make minor adjustments when it comes to communication. However, your creativity may also be extra strong, so having an outlet for it might be a good idea. As May progresses, you may find that you are easing into the adjustments carefully, and that you can sense things are going to quiet down a bit, which they are, towards the very end of the month. Now the focus may be on figuring out how to fit all your friends into your schedule.

Gemini (Approx. May 21st to Summer Solstice): May may start off with a bang, as you may find you have a lot on your plate, and things are not waiting for you, so it would be wise to take the initiative when given the opportunity. Your emotions may be calling for attention though, as you may find them agitated because of a lack of creature comforts. However, as the month rolls along, you may find these emotional situations subside or get put on the back burner, and that things start clicking and flowing together. You may also find that when Jupiter goes direct in early June, you will be in a position to achieve a lot of expansion and success.

Cancer (Summer Solstice to approx. July 21st): Agitations in love, money, and communication may be what dominates the first half of the month, and while your emotions may be extra strong over these, you may also find your intuition is on point, and you have creativity to spare. As the month moves along, you may find these challenges continue, but also that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which will be in early June. You may also find that for the entire month, it is wise to continue to play things financially conservative and cautious overall. Later in May it would be wise to make the necessary adjustments to communication in order to achieve success.

Leo (Approx. July 21st to approx. August 21st): If you’re looking for a great time to move ahead with new projects, once Mercury becomes direct, this may be it. You are in a position the whole month to catch the energy in the air and put it to good use to fuel your projects, especially when it comes to projects that involve other people. While it is still wise to play things conservative and safe, you may also find that you can sense the tide is turning, and that is most definitely the case once June arrives, but for now, you may want to put the emphasis on planning your approaches and strategizing to maximize your gain. There may be a lot of small scale adjustments to be made, but these are mostly related to interpersonal communication, so it will be easier to develop.

Virgo (Approx. August 21st to Autumnal Equinox): In a lot of ways, this is the time between the time, Virgo, and because of this, you may find this is simply a month of hard work overall. The emotional tension that was in the air in March and April may be fading a bit, but the next round of good things coming your way is still a little off in the distance, which makes this the perfect time to focus on the administrative and logistical. This is also the personal time to see what changes may be necessary, and how to implement them. As May progresses, you may find that things continue to emotionally ease up, but also that with major adjustments, you can unlock a lot of good opportunities.

Libra (Autumnal Equinox to approx. October 21st): Early, very early, in May, you may find there is a lot of tension in the air when it comes to love and money, but this is also the perfect time to wrap up any outstanding projects, so it would be wise to focus on what you can control, rather than what you can’t. Your emotions may not be into it, but in the long run, you may find this pays off. As the month progresses, you may find some of that tension still there, but you may also notice things are easing up, and that you can sense that things will hit a positive breaking point change, which will occur around the second week of June.

Scorpio (Approx. October 21st to approx. November 21st): If you can channel your emotions to good use, you may find the first two weeks of May are the perfect time to accomplish a lot on your to-do list, but if that discipline is lacking, you may find your temper is shorter and that accidents may be more common than desired. Your intuitive and psychic skills may also be sharper than normal, but your sensitivity to energy may be up there, too. As the month moves forward, you may find your intuition and psychic skills back off just a touch, but that the potential for accidents remains. You may also find your communications are a little more tense than normal, so it would be wise to exercise patience all around.

Sagittarius (Approx. November 21st to Winter Solstice): New beginnings and opportunities are yours for the taking once Mercury goes direct, so you may find it wise to hit the ground running in the early part of the month. There is going to be plenty of energy available to you to accomplish what you want, and you may find if you’ve been wanting to make any changes, this is the perfect time to do it. As we move further into the month, you may find this momentum continues, and that by the time June rolls around, you have accomplished a lot, but you may sense tensions on the horizon. However, that is for another time and day.

Capricorn (Winter Solstice to approx. January 21st): If you were looking for a little spice to add to your life, you may find that early May gives you all of that and so much more, especially when it comes to love and money, so it would be wise to be cautious and patient as we start the month. As it moves along, though, you may find the agitations build, but that now there is more of a focus on where you’re going rather than wrapping up where you’ve been. You may also find that the emotional tension present in the first half of the month has been replaced with anticipation. However, towards the end of the month you may find your personal communications even out a bit, and that they go smoothly, especially if you take traditional approaches to things.

Aquarius (Approx. January 21st to approx. February 21st): There may be some minor irritations in life right now, but overall, you may find things are not only moving ahead, they are moving ahead quickly and easily, so if you can, it would be wise to capitalize on the available momentum. When mid-May gets here though, you may find things continue to move ahead, but that there are short lived issues with communication, so remaining open and adaptable are two of the best ways to handle whatever comes up. You may also find the closer you get to June, the more your personal relationships begin to blossom and flourish.

Pisces (Approx. February 21st to Spring Equinox): A lot of things are in motion right now, but with minor adjustments, you may find you can accomplish a lot as well. While this may be true for the bulk of the month, you may find that as the month moves on, your work continues, but that challenges come up with regards to your temper when dealing with other people, as well as your ability to get along with others. The good news though, is that this is annual and short lived, with nothing exceptional triggering this, so if you’re older than twelve months, you’ve got this.

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