Code of Ethics

I. All birth data is treated highly confidential, classified, if you will. While data may be used from a chart, the native of the chart will not be revealed. If it is a situation that requires the identity of the native to be reveal, the     native will be asked for permission, and in some cases, this may be a requirement in writing.
II.  All people are to be treated with respect.
III. Permission will be obtained for all data.
IV. Boundaries of competence. I will admit when something is beyond my area of expertise, and I will say so, and if possible, make referrals.
V. Avoiding Harm: It is not my intent to bring harm to anyone. Hence, if there are situations where one would be in doubt, it is wise to consult this material to assist in guidance, to prevent as many miscommunications as possible.
VI. Appointments are referred to as interpretations, because all I do is interpret information for a client.
VII. In my professional opinion, astrologers do not predict, they forecast. The difference between the two is that forecasts are to be understood more along the lines of meteorology, a kith and kin science to astrology. Just because the circumstances are right, doesn’t mean that something will or won’t manifest. We do live in a free will universe, after all.
VIII. Accuracy and Objectivity. These are two things I put particular emphasis on, and will always develop. If this is brought into question, please mention it immediately to be discussed as part of the interpretation.
IX. Fees. Due to the cost of supplies and goods, as well as cost of living expenses, fees may be adjusted from time to time, and from situation to situation, but this will be kept to a minimum, and will be used with discretion and caution.
X. Confronting Ethical Issues. Ethical issues will be confronted on a situational by situational basis only. However, all material discussed between native and astrologer will be held in the strict accordance of the laws of the states applicable, and the nation of the United States of America. If situations would arise that would cause material confidentially discussed to be part of a necessary legal situation, full cooperation with the law will be given on the part of the astrologer.
XI.  If there is further clarification that is necessary, please consult the code of ethics for the Astrological Association of Saint Louis, where I am a lifetime member, the National Center for Geocosmic Reasearch, of which I am a member, and any other applicable organizations that may apply.