Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Hello, and welcome to a new astrological year!

Well, all that can be said about this upcoming zodiacal year is that it’s starting off with a bang, isn’t it? Coming out of the Grand Trine in water in March, we find ourselves facing a lot of cardinal cross activity in addition to the lunar eclipse today.  The cardinal cross that is occurring is interesting because it’s all about forward motion and forward thinking. I point this out because esoterically this is a time during which Spirit has a better vessel to work through, which in turn ca be passed along to others that are not as fortunate. Going from mutable to cross like this can manifest as a swiftness of motion and intensity, and because of this, we may find ourselves back on our heels if we fall behind. Hence it is wise to approach life from a space of love and embracement rather than fear and shunning.

Unlike last year, this year’s blog won’t have a particular theme, but rather will be more stream of consciousness, so I hope that you enjoy this as much. I’m changing the format because I’m discovering that discussing current events through the context of astrology makes it more alive. After all, anyone can regurgitate facts, but it takes an adept to show how it at’s work in the every day world. For example, this so called “Blood Moon.” I don’t really care about the Blood Moon concept associated with this Full Moon as much as others do. The reason for this is that I have to wonder where the red comes from? Yes, true, some may come from the Sun and its projected light, but do you know what else plays a role in the coloration of the moon? Yep,you guessed it: pollution. Pollution sometimes colors how the Moon looks, and not only do I know this from science, I witnessed it first hand in Cairo Egypt in September 2010, which is one of the most polluted cities on the planet. I have not heard one way or another where this red tint comes from, but if there’s a question, then I’m not working with it. Anywho, I digress.

This is the Full Moon in Aries, a sign which is ruled by Mars, whose color is red, and because of this I find it cute that this moon is red, but past that, I’m more interested in the lunar eclipse part of this Full Moon. Lunar eclipses usually denote changes within ourselves, and the time frame that this is played out through is approximately two months. This means that in certain life areas you may notice internal changes of a fairly strong nature during the next two months. If you have your chart, you can see what houses this axis impacts, but if you don’t, watch what life areas are impacted by your internal changes, and you can deduce your chart from there.

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Rev Bill

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