Happy Libra


Well, I couldn’t necessarily say ‘Happy Full Moon Libra’, as we are on a waning Moon cycle, now could I? Due to my recent pilgrimage to Egypt, the holy land of western civilization, this blog and my newsletter, available at www.418ascendant.com, through subscription only, are a little late in manifesting. However, I hope you enjoy this post.

Libra energy is that of the diplomat. Librans like their surroundings peaceful and harmonious. They also have the ability to see things from an objective perspective. However, on the other side, they can be back and forth more than a lot of signs, as because they can see multiple perspectives, they may have challenges committing to one over another.

From a magickal perspective, the aeon of Ma’at, who is associated with Libra energy, is the next aeon after the aeon of Horus that is just now beginning. There is a perspective out there that the beginning of that aeon is happening now, overlapping the aeon of Horus.

In esoteric astrology, Libra is one of the four cardinal signs that constitute the ‘Cardinal Cross’. This is a pattern of energy that is made up of the interplay of the four cardinal signs, and has to do with sacred initiations. Libra is associated with the element of air, and as such, Librans can also be very cerebral.

One final note that bears mentioning is that Libra energy is harmony, not balance. Why do I clarify this? The answer lies in metaphysics 101. You see, the entire notion of balance is intrinsically tied to this third dimensional reality we live in. Black, white, positive, negative, conflict, peace. All of these are only associated with this manifested world. Once you leave the world of the physical behind, this falls off like an empty shell. When physical chains are shed, all polarities fall by the wayside. The reason for this is that through the purity of the strength of the Will, the existence between incarnations can be better had.

Food for thought. 🙂


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