Happy Harvest Full Moon!


This is the Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces today, and while I could get into the entire native side of the nicknames of this full moon, I’ll succinctly cut to the chase. After all, all of them tie back into the idea of the harvest; reaping what we’ve sown. After all, that is the time that we find ourselves at. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in. This is the time of the year that we reflect on what exists in our individual lives and how things have manifested. That’s both good and bad.

If you have good things that have manifest this year, then congratulations! If you think you’ve had it rough this year, and astrology doesn’t explain why that is, then that, too, is a result of the seeds that you’ve sown throughout the springtime season. As someone (in)famous once said: “Everything’s your fault if you’re any good.” To me, that pretty much sums it up. If you have developed any skill and/or ability in your life to make things happen, then this should be considered true.

I realize that an absolute view may be tough for some to swallow, but time and again I’ve found it to be true. All it takes is an expansion of consciousness to understand ~how~ this is true, and that is where many fall short, and many greatly succeed. This is the time when we can take stock of losses and blessings and admit to ourselves in the mirror of self-reflection that we had a hand in creating them, and if we can’t understand how that is true, then doesn’t that just mean it’s on us to develop an understanding in a clearer and more intelligent way?

As I reflect on this full moon I see all things as they are and how they’ve been created over this year, and all I can say is that I’m responsible for it all. Every. Single. Thing. And you know what? Awesome! I’ll take it, own it, and drive it. It’s a moot point to the true person that creates their reality whether something is “good” or “bad.” The esoterically minded will understand that and smirk with a cynical smile.

So during this time I encourage everyone to own everything in their life. Accept that you created it, and smile with joy, for each event that you perceive like that, successfully in line with your Will or not, is yours. You made it. Congratulations! Who says the gods and goddesses are separate from us, anyway? That’s sooo Piscean, and sooo in the past.


Rev Bill

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