Happy Full Moon Virgo!


Today we find ourselves at the full moon in Virgo, on the Virgo Pisces axis. There has been a lot of talk in the astrological and social media communities about this full moon due to the sensitivity of Pisces, and the conjunction the Moon is making to Neptune. Most of the talk has been focused on the fact that right now we can open ourselves further to divine love, compassion, and all things related. However, there is something just as big that is occurring, and that is that currently Venus is retrograde in Leo, conjunct Mars in Leo. So, what does that mean in context of the full moon? Actually, it’s quite simple, and for those of you on Facebook, you’ve already seen some of it, but allow me to elucidate.

Over the last few days I’ve posted a couple of memes (fancy word meaning pretty pictures and “profound” spiritual insights) that have made people wander what is going on, and both have had to do with Venus retrograde in Leo. The first one was a cute picture and a phrase that said “You deserve to be with someone who looks at you every single day like they’ve won the lottery and have the whole world in front of them,” and the second said “People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them.” Well, what does this have to do with anything? Honestly, it’s simple.

Venus retrograde in Leo, conjunct Mars, paves the way for an internal blending of masculine and feminine energy, but only in an internal review context. During this Venus retrograde I have heard of many people having relationship issues, as well as money challenges, and both are key notes of that transit. Venus in Leo is all about being out and proud, no matter what the subject may be. However, this is also an excellent time to protect the self. This is the perfect time to cut away the relationships that are not working, and at the same time it is perfect to re-evaluate the budget. However, the challenge that goes with this placement is the much vaulted compassion and tenderness that can be reached during this time. Yes, Venus in Leo is all about being proud of the partner, but it is also about protection the self from those that would dim your internal light. Layering on top of this, though, is the fact that spirituality and emotions are extra sensitive right now. Sometimes the decisions we make during a Venus retrograde in Leo are the wrong ones, or at least can be tempered by compassion and love.

So how do we put this to work for us? Well, quite simply, now is the time for reflection, compassion, and change, if applicable. We can be proud of our loved ones and still stand strong and tall in ourselves. However, we should also be ever vigilant against those that are lower ego driven, for they can beat us down onto their level, and thus leave us hurt. Now is the time to blend the heart with the mind, and yet at the same time to own all of our personal power.

Will you? Will you put into practice all of those things I just mentioned? I know I have, and I know that everyone that reads this will, too. Blend the heart with the mind. Make decisions that are intuitively driven, and approach their execution with the mind, for it is logic, reason, and all things related that create the formulas for what is to come in our individual lives.



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