Happy Full Moon Taurus!


We find ourselves at the Full Moon in Taurus with the Moon in Scorpio.This may bring passion and intensity into the air, now and through the next few days, so it is wise to work with this energy. However, in addition to this full moon we have the festival of Wesak, which celebrates the birth and ascension of Lord Buddha. One of the best things you can do at this time is to take some time for yourself and re-align with not only you, but also your place in the cosmos. This is a very auspicious time to remind yourself of applying wisdom to decisions that require your input. An easy way to work with this is to meditate on a clear crystal lake where you can find Buddha along with other ascended masters, for this is their festival. Don’t worry though, the next full moon is our festival, the festival of humanity.

Coming up in the near future is a Mercury retrograde, so it is wise to also prepare for this. During a Mercury retrograde, you may find that things come up from the past to be re-addressed. This may occur in a very blunt way, though, so it is also wise to watch your speech. In short, as I’m sure you can tell, it’s a good time to focus on your personal work to tie up loose ends and prepare to get ahead.

Speaking of being proactive and getting ahead, there’s a lot in my world that is occurring. To begin with, my first book “Vocal Magick” is out and available, so things are moving ahead with that, especially since I’ll have a book signing at Pathways in St Louis MO on Saturday May 16th, followed by presentations at Pagan Picnic in St Louis and Babalon Rising in Midian IN. For those of you that want to know more about astrology but have limited time, I’ll be holding my annual astrology weekend intensive workshop on May 23rd and 24th, also at Pathways, in conjunction with others classes being held there.

I’ll still continue to have classes and be available for readings at Holistic Journey in IL, too, teaching my Mercury retrograde class there as well as at Pathways. However, in Holistic Journey I will also be debuting a new class entitled “Sacred Space,” during which we will discuss the principles and techniques of creating sacred space. This will be on May 28th. Mercury Retrograde will also be taught here, so there are several opportunities for attendance. My webinars have been successful, and I have one scheduled for Saturday, May 30th, and the topic of this one will be the “Astrology of the Body.” Join me as we discuss how astrology lines up with the body, and what you can do with that information.

Remember, during this month is traditionally when the gods and goddesses got married, making this a prime time to execute a divine marriage regarding your spiritual growth, merging the spiritual and the physical. By working with Buddha early in the month we can clear our minds to continue to make clear, informed decisions throughout the whole month so that this Mercury retrograde can be one of the most productive, potentially empowering you towards new cycles of growth.


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