Happy Full Moon Taurus!


Well, I don’t know where to start. First of all, as most of you know, this is the super moon. Long story short, this is the energetically most intense moon of the year. This is the time to focus on all things Scorpionic, which includes sex, the life death rebirth cycle, business, and all things related to death, which includes preparing one’s will, estate, etc, as well as the occult.

However, there is a more esoteric side to this full moon which is the ancient ceremony of Wesak, which celebrates the birth and ascension of Buddha. This moon focuses heavily on Shamballah, particularly on how one can relate to ascended masters, and thus, it is a wonderful time to draw those teachers and their wisdom to you to work with for the upcoming year.

I just got done celebrating the full moon with the Ancient Ways group in St Louis (Not related to the Ancient Ways group that hosts Pantheacon, just FYI) with a ritual to honor the sabbat, and I must admit that the experience left me with a lot of questions. To begin with, what are we focusing on, on a daily basis? What steps are we intentionally focusing on with regards to spiritual advancement? How are we incorporating things into our daily life? I ask these questions because this is the festival of Wesak, as well as Beltane. This is the time for us to individually look in to the finer planes, and find an ascended master to work with for the upcoming year, and luckily for us, there is a long list of ascended masters. It is all well and good to make contact with these beings, but then what? Once we’ve made contact, where do we go from there? True, the door to the temple of wisdom opens only when we knock, but then what? What steps are we taking to give them more free reign in our lives on average?

No matter what you believe, the fact of the matter remains that this is an excellent time to make contact with those inner plane masters, but the just as effective question to ask ourselves is “Where do we go from here?” Once contact has been made, then what?

This is what I leave you with tonight. Once successful contact has occurred, what then? What is the intent?

On much more related and mundane matters, there are still spots available for the Eclipses class this coming Tuesday, and spots available for divination readings tomorrow. Plus, there are a whole slew of events listed on my website.

I thank you all for reading, and share blessings of success to everyone. However, once success of contact is achieved, then what? How do you invite those beings to work with you? What vessel, as T. Thorn Coyle would say, do you give them to work through?


Rev. Bill

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