Happy Full Moon Scorpio!


In a few short minutes we’ll have the Full Moon in Scorpio, which is often called the “Frost Moon, Snow Moon, Beaver Moon, or Fog Moon,” among other titles. This is the first Full Moon of autumn, and as is evidenced by the names listed above, this is a Full Moon that is based around transition. This is the Full Moon of the year during which things begin to take more of a winter turn, and things begin to die a little more. However, one idea that is in common with all of the above titles is that of water, which corresponds to emotions. This is the time of the year during which it is wise to confront and deal with emotions of all types. These techniques can range from release to acceptance, to clarity. An occult axiom that can assist here is that in order to control a plane, you approach it from the plane above it. Hence in order to successfully deal with emotions, it is wise to take a mental approach. This Full Moon is also a time during which Mother Earth begins to release and die a little more, preparing for winter. In this way it is a transition moon during which mom moves from slowly releasing and preparing to “die” to full blown “death,” as it were.

Of course this death is simply the middle stage of the life, death, rebirth process, but it is a key stage to be aware of. During this time you may notice that some things get frozen, but not necessarily in a bad way. Rather, this is a time during which things may come to a halt in order to begin to die, but only to be reborn. What we can do with this energy is simple. It begins as an inventory of what we’ve got and where we’re at, and what is necessary to die in order to be released so that the new growth of the spring can come into being. This is the time when we may also have to put emotions aside in order to get things done on the physical level. Like the planet, we are moving another step closer in the rebirth cycle, and without our care and attention, we may get caught up in it rather than being in control of it. Of course we can do all that we can to control some changes, but the Serenity Prayer comes to mind here, as there will always be those things that we can’t control, so it is wise for us to know the difference between the two, and then implement what we can.

This is also an excellent Full Moon to experience and indulge in the magick of creation. After all, it has been said that the first full snow is of great magickal importance, so it is wise to indulge in a little bit of magick when we see the first full blanket of snow in our respective areas. This is a Full Moon that reminds us that the only constant is change, and if we’re not riding that current when it comes around, then we may just be swept up in it, adrift, and wondering what happened.




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