Happy Full Moon Scorpio


Today we have a full moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that is often times overlooked with regards to its potency in astrology. For example, it is the only sign that has four animals associated with it, which I have mentioned on here before. Something else that makes it potent is its placement. In the natural zodiacal wheel, it is the sign that rules the 8th house, which is the house of the occult, death, and sex. This is where most of the information associated with it stops.

However, there are a few other other correspondences that are worth mentioning. For example, it is also associated with business, shared resources, shared resource management, inheritances, legacies, taxes, and analysis. A lot of times, in the quest for furthering spirituality, these more physical aspects of Scorpio are overlooked. They are worth mentioning, though, because as any true will worker knows, the physical plane and the finer planes are all tied together, and to neglect one is to, in effect, neglect them all.

Let’s look at this for a moment. Over the years I have met many spiritual workers that put all of their focus on obtaining the next piece of enlightenment that they can in order to spiritually grow. However, they usually sacrifice attention of the physical plane to do this. This is not a healthy perspective, as the physical plane is the lowest precipitated point of what the finer planes bring to our consciousness. I am thinking of the example that I know all too well of the spiritually advanced person that can’t pay their bills, but are extremely enlightened. As a matter of fact, I used to be one of those people. Then I developed my astrological skills, and thus my perspective changed. A spiritual lesson that some people have brought to their door is tying the two views together. In other words, associating spiritual values with physical values. Granted, this is a concept that is hard to do initially, but the metaphysical principles can help here, if they are known and used.

Lets use the common example of money. At its bare bones, money is the physical representation of energy. So, if you want to look at where your energy is going, then it is wise to see where you’re money is going, and how one may view that. With this perception comes some strength, as many may not like what they see. Or they may not have what it takes to change their view. Here’s another example: Let’s say that one feels they are sending their energy in the direction of their spiritual path, and yet they wonder why their bank account is low, or even non-existent. When one looks, they see that the bulk of their money is spent on distractions such as ‘feel good’ purchases, or impulse buying. Then, of course, what is truly revealed if one reads between the lines, is that their energy is spent viewing the moment, and fulfilling the desire mind impulses. While there is nothing wrong with that on a small scale, if this is something that is not monitored, it can slowly chip away at one’s energy overall. One of the things it reveals is that there is no attention to the bigger picture, which is living a balanced, secure, and stable life. When this point is realized, then appropriate changes can be made. What makes this work, though, is discipline, and the humility to realize that this different behavior may require some work, and recognition of the fact that one may not have the skills necessary to achieve this. And then, on the back end of things, deciding to go out and get said skills.

So what does this have to do with Scorpio? Scorpio is similar to Capricorn in that it is associated with responsibility and autonomy. The big difference between the two signs is that Scorpio is emotionally driven, while Capricorn is more earth manifestation driven. This doesn’t mean that Scorpio is not associated with physical plane manifestation, but rather it is activating a metaphysical principle, which, as Dion Fortune said in her book “Circuit of Force”: ‘In order to rule a plane, you come at it from the plane above.’ In this case, in order to rule the physical plane, the easiest way to achieve this is to get emotionally invested and work with the emotional plane.

On this full moon, it is wise to consider your own personal economy. How is it running? What can be done to bring it in line with one’s Will? Are the skills present in order to accomplish this? Or is it time to learn new skills? And if it is time to learn new skills, what is going to be sacrificed to bring this into being? And when these things are all brought into line, what sort of service will be done as a way of saying thanks?


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