Happy Full Moon Pisces!


In just a few minutes is the full moon, with the full moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. Virgo is a mutable earth sign whose correspondences include hard work, analytical thinking, and health, among other things, while Pisces is a mutable water signs whose correspondences include being the visionary, the progressive, and being in touch with your psychic side, among other things. At the time of the full moon there is extra energy in the air to access, and in this case the energy is focused on working towards your vision.

Let’s look at this for a moment. In magick there is a concept known as “The Great Work,” and often times this is seen as addressing alchemy, changing lead into gold, and in metaphysics it can be seen as changing the lead of the personality self into the gold of the solar self. Hence, existentially, this is seen as the transformation of the self from a current state of being into a higher vibrational state of being.

BUT, there is something that a lot of people don’t talk about (although this has been changing over the last few years) is that it takes straight up old fashioned hard work to actualize and manifest your vision into reality. Yep, there, I said it. You can only get so far with your vision by talking about it or daydreaming about it. Most times it takes long, thankless hours doing what’s necessary in society to make your vision reality, and often times this is what stops people from creating what they Will. If you are an artistic type, this means learning business techniques, if you’re a business type person, then this means learning about creative visualization and other right brain techniques. Pretty un-glorious, wouldn’t you say?

To paraphrase the world teacher Aleister Crowley: “Learn first what work is, the great work’s not far behind,” and this tells us all we need to know to create reality. The first step is to develop a strong work ethic. Does this mean manifesting your vision is an obsession? Well, it can be, but this should be tempered with knowing where limits and boundaries are, and this can be found by knowing yourself. However, something else that goes hand in had with this is sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice for your vision? I’ll give you a hint though, if you want to change your life for the better then the sacrifice is your life, or at least the parts of it that aren’t in line with your Will.

During this full moon is the perfect time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Analyze what steps are necessary to manifest  your vision, but I am not talking about the inner changes that are necessary, but rather am addressing the leg work it takes. Marketing? Advertising? Developing skills you need, or delegating to someone that has them so you can focus on other things? What is it that you should do to create your reality in line with your Will? Pamphlets? Business cards? A creative visualization board as mentioned above? Whatever it is, now is the time to line it out in your head, make a list, and put it into practice through discipline, hard work, and blood, sweat, and tears. But don’t worry; you’ve got this. No matter how far you get with it in this life, it’s still better than where you were before you started, so also be compassionate with yourself, for we are doing the best we can with the skills we have at our disposal.


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