Happy Full Moon Pisces


Today we have the full moon in Pisces, which is the last full moon of the current energetic year. While the Sun is moving through tropical Pisces, the moon is in Tropical Virgo, which makes this an excellent time to bring physical manifestation to ideas that you may have had swirling around in your head for awhile. This is an auspicious time to get to work, and to figure out how to produce your thoughts and visions. It can often times be a challenge to figure out how to do this, but with creative planning and thinking, this can be achieved. The physical plane can sometimes develop slowly, so patience and methodicalness, both associated with Virgo, are two techniques that can be used to accomplish this. While Pisces may be visionary and progressive, it can also sometimes be diffused and hard to understand. The energy of Pisces is that of the intuitive person: the dreamer, the visionary, and the psychic. This can be a cautionary tale to many, as sometimes it is easy to get lost in Piscean energy if one is not clear or practical with their ideas.

That’s the rub, isn’t it? All of us have many wonderful ideas swimming around in our heads, but to make them manifest is something else entirely. There are two big hurdles that should be overcome to make things happen, and those hurdles are hard work and adaptability. I believe it should be clear by now that to work with Piscean ideas, it would be wise to look to Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces, for insight and clarity. This is true of all signs of the zodiac. Opposite signs can present tension, but they can also present insight to work with. Day to day activities should be considered as part of the whole and as part of the process of creation. No matter the sign and opposite sign axis, one can compliment the other, but it takes adaptability on our part to make this happen.

This is also an excellent time to bring resolution to projects that have been in the works for awhile to pave the way for new beginnings that are right around the corner on Spring Equinox, which is also known as International Astrology Day. The new moon coming up on Spring Equinox is a perfect time to start fresh, and the more things are wrapped up now, the more new beginnings can be had. The transformative vibe that is currently in the air can be tapped into to produce strong results, so it is wise to see how we should transform to accomplish our goals and bring closure to things that have been in process for awhile, if they are under our control.

So, what is it that you are finishing during this full moon? What projects do you have in the works that the energy of this full moon can help with? What is still undone, that can be of great use once it’s done?

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