Happy Full Moon Pisces!


Today we have the full moon in Pisces, and it’s the final full moon of the current zodiacal year. Since my last post, we’ve had quite an adventure. Meteors in Russia, further exploration on Mars, and India advancing their space program. This doesn’t even include a lot of the “regular” news that is out there! What does all of this have to do with us, here? Well actually, absolutely nothing. I just felt like sharing current space events. Anywho, let’s get down to business.

The major theme of this full moon is two fold, and is very profound, yet most people may choose to avoid dealing with at least half of it. Pisces is associated with sacrifice and being of service, while Virgo is associated with health, the day to day work routine, and being of service. While they are opposite signs in the zodiac, they are tied together with one major thread, which is that of being of service. Both signs are adaptable, as is evidenced by their mutable traits. However, Virgos are more left brained for the most part than Pisces are, and Pisces are more right brained than Virgos are. Of course this isn’t always true, but I think you know that already.

Both signs have their strength in being of service to others, and that is the key that I would like to address here. One of the fastest methods of spiritual growth is to be of service to our fellow humans. A lot of times this equates with personal sacrifice as well. An important point to keep in mind, though, is that being of service to others should be tampered with taking care of the self. This final point trips a lot of people up, so I would like to address it here to clarify some things.

Yes, being of service to others takes personal sacrifice. It means sometimes skipping your favorite TV show to help out a sick friend. Sometimes it means being of service to your spiritual family even when your ego wants to do something for its gratification. For example, doing the heavy lifting for spiritual events even though it may cut into free time. Really, it varies from person to person and community to community. These are things that most people know about service, and these are the important points to keep in mind.

However, the fine point that a lot of people miss is that you can only take care of others after you’ve taken care of yourself. This seems like a tough point to consider, but let’s break it down for a quick moment. A fine detail to pay attention to is that one must first define what it takes to take care of the self. Taking care of the self is making sure that all bills are paid, and everything is stable. It does not necessarily mean splurging on that night out while neglecting donating to the local food pantry. Foregoing ego gratification is the linchpin to making it all work.

Both signs can have a heavy emphasis on being of service to others, yet sometimes this can be very challenging to harmonize in one’s life. Virgos achieve this through more tangible means, while Pisces achieve this through more emotional and finer body means. During this full moon it is wise to look in the mirror and see where the service is, and whether or not the ego is in check. If you’re not currently being of service, then you may want to consider how to begin, without detriment to the self. Too much service to others can be just as damaging as too little service to others.



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