Happy Full Moon Pisces!


Well, what a week we’ve had, eh? This may be a longer than average blog post, so make sure that you are seated, comfortable, and ready to process, because there’s a lot going on in our local solar system that is impacting life here on Earth, and there is a lot more that will be going on as well in the near future. Hold onto your hats, because here we go!

To begin with, how many people here have been noticing technological issues lately? Well, I can explain a lot of that, to ease the stress that may be going around. One of the reasons this has been going around is due to activity in our local solar system, so I share this insight with all of you to alleviate at least some of the stress. The first point to note is that there is the biggest solar storm in years that has been affecting us since last night, and will most likely linger over the next day or so. I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been having cellular phone glitches left and right, and even some issues with social media sites. Yes, all of those are attributed to what is going on with the solar storm, so there’s factor number 1.

Factor number 2 is the full moon that was a few hours ago. During a full moon, the energies are increased and distorted; hence the tenseness in the air. I’ve talked to several people that told of vivid and active dreams last night, or other odd occurrences that happened. So you have the enhanced energy from the full moon, as well as the solar storms on top of it.

Factor number 3, and this is the one that is just now getting ready to form, is that there is a Mercury retrograde that begins next Monday, March 12. During a Mercury retrograde, one of the things that are affected is technology all across the boards, but in particular, communication oriented technology. Without going into a dissertation here about a retrograde cycle of a planet, long story short, Mercury affects technology, communications, and electricity, and when it goes retrograde, the strong potential is there for things to get messed up. In other words, glitches, challenges, and all things related to stress due to technology. Usually, Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year, and is usually retrograde for three weeks at a time, so this happens quite often.

While Mercury doesn’t go retrograde until next Monday, there is a period of time before it during which communications and technology can be affected in very challenging ways. This is lovingly known as the bubble before the effect, and has its roots in a metaphysical principle. What this period effectively does is add another week to the retrograde cycle, but it also acts as a warning to all that are aware that something may not be right in the cosmos. But, one of the things that can also happen on a Mercury retrograde is that communication and technology issues and situations that have been put off regarding dealing with them may come to the surface to address and resolve during a Mercury retrograde cycle. For example, a couple of years ago I kept blowing off getting my computer cleaned for viruses and issues, and when I put it off long enough, eventually it went down during a Mercury retrograde. So during the retrograde, I had no choice but to get it fixed, and of course it was more expensive than it would have been if I had been proactive. And of course the timing was horrible as well. Due to that influence, though, it is also unwise to sign contracts or serious paperwork if it can be helped. Often times, this manifests as the devil being in the details, and showing up later to bite one in the proverbial rear end.

So, in short, this is what has been going on for the last week to week and a half. And just so everyone knows, Mercury goes direct on April 4th.

The next point to address is a little more esoteric oriented. Beginning March 8, and lasting through about the 12th, there is an aspect pattern that will be coming together in the heaven’s known as an earth grand trine. Long story short, without going into too much astrological tekkie talk, this is going to be a wonderful time to bring things down into the physical plane, no matter what they are. For example, this would be the time to roll out a product; this is not the time to come up with the idea. Or it could be that there is a personal development project that has been waiting to be made manifest, and the only question mark was when. This would be the ‘when.’

So, as can be seen from the information about, March is going to be an active month, and this isn’t even addressing other things that are going on, astrologically speaking, such as the current Mars retrograde, Saturn retrograde, and Spring Equinox, when you can stand an egg on end! I share all of this with all of you so that you know that if things seem off, it could be that you are intuitively picking up on what is going on in our immediate solar system that is affecting us energetically.

And now time for the shameless plugs!

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And of course this doesn’t cover the rest of the things, like divination readings, etc.


Rev. Bill

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