Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Libra


I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the eclipse! There’s a lot of indicators present that this full moon is the perfect time for new beginnings, but not without reflection. Besides the Sun being in tropical Libra, the Moon is in Aries, and thus we have the harmony between the self and the other being called into question with the intent of creating new beginnings. Thus, release is just as important as welcoming the new. This is the time to embrace the change that comes with the new, but this is also the time to harmonize ourselves with what we give to others. Relationships are the keys here, and by learning from them we can have better ones, whether its in the professional or the personal arena. Now is the time to make the changes that have been considered, and to revisit situations from the past that have to do with relationships, and finally put them to rest, one way or the other.

But, we also have a Mercury retrograde occurring, so when this statement is made, one way or the other, it is wrapping outstanding situations up, but this time its personal and final. Hence the closure is more complete than those made at other times.

In addition to this, the North Node of the Moon is getting ready to move backwards into Virgo, out of Libra, and thus we may find that now is the time to focus more on the day to day work routine, but also health, as long periods of physical activity (or not) is not good for you. New diets are wise to start once Mercury goes direct on the ninth, and gym memberships can be activated then as well, but now is the time for the research and the preparation.

So we’re left with a fairly detailed picture of what to work on at this time. Relationships, the work place, health, and wrapping things up are wise to execute. How will you do this? Will you return to old situations, or will you leave them behind once and for all? No matter the answer, this time its more solid than normal. Saturn’s entrance into Sagittarius reassures us of this.



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