Happy Full Moon Libra!


Once again for the calendar year we have a full moon in Aries, Sun in Libra combination. This is traditionally known as a blue moon. Without going into too much detail, a blue moon occurs when there are two full moons during one Sun sign transit. That means there are at least two full moons in a 28 day cycle. Pragmatically, this Libra time has a blue moon in it by 33 minutes. In astrolo-gese, this could be considered a technicality, as there are 30 degrees per sign, which is broken down to minutes as well. Of course what I’m giving you is the basic version, but suffice to say that this full moon gets in under the wire.

So, does that diminish any aspect of the full moon and/or its energy? Most certainly not! But the manifestation of the energy may be affected. For example, the closer a celestial body is to 30 degrees/0 degrees, the more each sign shows characteristics. In this case, as much as you could say that the Moon is Aries, you could say the same thing regarding Taurus.

What an interesting placement, considering that the current Sun sign is in Libra, the scales! Of course one of the major principles at work through Libra energy is that of harmony, and the idea of balance on third dimensional reality. So here we have a sign that is all about right relationships, usually expressing its energy through a polarity lens. And we have the Moon, sitting on the edge of two signs. Pretty profound in my book!

So what does this interplay give us? To begin with, we have the fact that Libra energy is dominant, which is all about harmony, and we have the Moon on the edge of the first two signs of the zodiacal year. 2=s 2. One of the manifestations of this is that there is a huge flexibility that can be tapped into, from an astrological energetic perspective. Don’t like something in your life? Look at its opposite for insight. Then consider how to harmonize the two extremes. Of course this is easiest to adapt when it comes to concepts and spiritual development, but this can be put to practice if one has the initiative. The Moon’s placement tells us that from a personality perspective, there is some new-ness that is occurring, and both are predicated around a new cycle. This becomes quite profound when we think about the active week that we have just completed! I don’t know about you, but it has been a colorful one!

The Moon is the personality self, and the emotional self, and with these correspondences come the idea that it is lunar because the Moon reflects light from the Sun, and sometimes, when we are developing that solar part of ourselves, it is easier to develop things from a reflected perspective as, lets face facts, the Sun burns when you stare directly into it. The way to dodge the burning is to raise our own state of being to that which resonates with the Sun. Um, yeah, that’s simple!

Aries is initiative, competitive, and active. Taurus is slow and steady, practical and pragmatic, sensual, and hungry! When you consider the Moon as being influenced by these two signs, things become clear that there is a definite choice that can be made. Which do you choose? The initiator, the competitor, or the pragmatist and/or the steady one? And, of course, these choices are put into the context of the solar self developing all the while in the background!

When you have the configuration that we currently have, greater energies may be accessed due to the inbetween-ness that is present. And the best part of this is that the flexibility of the moment comes at the time of the year that the veil is thinnest; the inbetween time of the year. Long story short, if you have been looking at a time to get something done that would be considered being ‘squeezed through’, this is the time to do it! And with such a fortunate message of the ‘blue moon’, there’s a blessing on top of it!


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  1. hannah
    Posted October 27, 2010 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

    i have watched these energies influence me & what has been going on
    as well as watching other people getting confused on what the right path would be considering the whole aries taurus this
    its amazing that you explained it all through astrology
    love it
    keep up the good work brother!