Happy Full Moon Leo!


Today we have the full moon occurring while the Sun is in the sign of Leo, and the Moon is in Aquarius. I got a lot of positive feedback on my most recent blog post, and I’m going to continue the bluntness an directness for this post as well. We’re going to look at a different concept here: the ego. This is a concept that is often times misunderstood, so I would like to bring some light to the conversation. First, let me begin with some history.

Metaphysically speaking, Theosophists first brought the concept of the ego into occultism in the mid to late nineteenth century. Their view was simple. Ego with a lower case “e” represented the day to day personality self. Ego with a capital “E” referred to that part of us that transcends one life, and continues on after the change called death. So to draw a modern parallel, this Ego could be seen as the same thing as the higher self/ascended self. They used ego to work with these concepts, and as we all know, psychologists later took this concept and adopted it to their work, which did a lot to get the idea of ego out to the masses, and is probably the singular reason there is so much information available on it at this moment.

Unfortunately, though, most people come to see the ego as a bad thing, because they see the ego as something to be conquered or annihilated, when this isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. Yes, the ego is the personality self mind that can be too much if left unchecked. But, the ego is also what helps us to navigate the day to day world and accomplish what we will to accomplish. It’s the main construct through which we view reality. Thus if you annihilate the ego, you’re also annihilating the very construct that wants to help you. Counter productive, isn’t it?

However, too much ego can also be a bad thing. An unchecked and unhealthy ego can be the cause for self-centeredness, arrogance, pomp, a desire to focus the will upon another for self-gratification reasons. It can also lead to becoming power hungry, constantly craving but never satisfied with what it has. Thus it can become conceited, unstable, and ultimately destructive. Up until recently, another trait of an unhealthy ego was narcissism. Granted it still is, but in the DSM-V manual, narcissism has been altered to be something that is not as bad as it once was. The reason behind this is because it’s too common in this society! Say, what? But yes, this is true, and the proof is on your computer screen every time you see a selfie. In this modern social media era, it has spread like a rampant virus, infecting so much to the degree that the psychological community simply said “It’s too much!” But no matter how you slice it, the fact of the matter remains that you can get too self absorbed, which is detrimental to your personal growth. Look around at the society that you find yourself in. There’s a lot of “me, me, me” floating around. At least in the west this is so rampant people are fed up with it. The nature of the spiritual path is inherently self, simply because it makes you put the self first to make sure that your needs are being met before being in a position to help others.In this way it is fulfilling Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. However, often times people get caught up in the “me, me, me” because it’s seductive. It’s easier. But all actions have consequences. All.

What does any of this have to do with Leo and Aquarius, you may be thinking. In astrology, Leo is associated with the ego and the Will, among other things. However, just like every other sign, there is a sliding scale of those things, so the life lesson if you have strong Leo in your chart is to keep your ego in check and balance your wants and desires with those of others, which leads me to the next sign: Aquarius.

The Moon is in Aquarius today, and Aquarius is a sign that looks at what is best for the group rather than the individual, which is why they’re opposite signs. Aquarius looks for equality and justice in things to keep the ego in check, and they’re looking at the egos of all involved as being equally viable. These ideals of astrology illustrate the balance of power between the self and the other. When going through life, it is wise to not only harmonize these, but also maneuver into a position to be of service to others as a way of giving back.

So the next time that you see a selfie or some other self-absorbed post or person, then you are receiving the message from the universe that you don’t want to be that person, and if you do want to be that person, I would suggest going within and fixing that wound, because only the wounded fight like they’re cornered, and in this case the wounded are those with ego problems.

Thus during this full moon it’s a wise time to balance these energies out within you as a way of a self-check internal diagnostic to make sure you’re good to go. After all, we’re nearing the next season change. Develop your Ego, and check your ego at the door while the time is right. This is the moon for it.


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