Happy Full Moon Leo!


Today we find the moon full in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, with the Sun in Leo. Leo is very unique in astrology because it is the only sign that has the same planetary ruler for all three facets: the exoteric ruling planet, the esoteric ruling planet, and the hierarchical ruling planet. That planet is, as you have probably guessed, the Sun. I personally like this correlation because it drives the point home how integral the Sun is to live on this planet and this solar system. It also accentuates the fact that working with solar energy, whether spiritually or physically, or both, is of the utmost importance to the individual.

Existentially speaking, the Sun represents where we are shining our brightest, and where we radiate warmth and optimism. The Sun is the masculine part of ourselves, regardless of our gender identification. It is the proactive principle that is at work, even if we are not putting it out there.

As an extension of this, Leo is a sign that is all about creativity, the exercise of the Will, joy, optimism, generosity, good fortune, and to a lesser extent children. Where Leo is in your chart shows where you may prefer to shine your best and your brightest. Hence Leo also shows us where we can exert our Will for maximum positive effect.

There are a couple of points to be aware of, though, that can be quite devastating if left unattended. The first of these points is that Leo also corresponds to arrogance and being egotistical, if left unchecked. In other words, if humility is not practiced, then Leo can produce negative attitudes. While having pride in one’s self and the accomplishments is a good thing, it is quite another to walk around arrogantly, expecting others to cater to you. The other fine point to be aware of is that Leo, and the Sun, are associated with the element of fire, and fire burns. I mention this here because too many times I see people who have a desire to grow, but when they hit the flames of purification, they recoil in fear, and use an excuse to stop. If you work with fire energy, prepare to be burned. If done in a healthy manner, the burning is the stripping away of what is no longer necessary and what is outgrown. However, if done in an unhealthy way, it is the eradication of everything in the name of something lesser. For an example of this, see the concept of a pyrrhic victory, or a scorched earth policy.

Many have called this a super moon, and this bears mentioning here because it tells us that the energy from the moon is stronger right now than normal. Hence we are in a position to tap into this energy to harmonize the self and the other, the ego and humility, and to press the reset button in areas of our lives where Leo is found in our chart. However, the warning that goes with this is that it would be wise to NOT throw the baby out with the bath water, and to practice critical thinking and discernment as this is done. In other words, it is wise to use the key word of creativity associated here with Leo in that often times creative solutions are a middle of the road approach, and generally you get farther with sugar than you do with vinegar.

I encourage all reading this to contemplate these points, and also to begin anew. Sometimes it is the most challenging road that can yield the greatest fruits.



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