Happy Full Moon Leo!


Today we have the full moon in Leo, and in the backwoods American tradition, this is known as the “Buck Moon.” A buck is a name given to a male deer, and during this time of the year they are at their most dominant. Interestingly enough, a deer in a forest is very similar to a lion in the jungle. While they’re not the king, they are towards the top of the standard forest in America on average. I say that because regionally, there are other animals higher than them from a hierarchical perspective, such as a bear or an elk, but the deer can be found a lot more places than they can. I mention this here because Leo is associated with the lion, so there can be certain parallels drawn, symbolically speaking.

Throughout history there have been many sets of heraldry that have been adorned with deer images, and this reveals another parallel with the lion. This is an animal that is associated with leadership in a lot of ways, and this gives us insight into what this time of year is good for. This is the time of the year that is good for showing your true colors, shining your best and your brightest. This is also a good time to take charge of one’s life. In what life areas does there need to be some control exerted over? What parts of our lives are not in line with our will, and what can we do about them? How do we do what’s best for us, while still being a leader for others; our own tribe, as it were?

A fine time to stand tall, yet a fine time to remember the responsibility that goes with this honor, is what is present before us. This is the time to assess how we are kings and queens in our lives, and to evaluate where to go from here. This is the time to come to terms with our blessings and our responsibilities, and to decide our next move. We now have the opportunity to shine our brightest, yet still remain humble enough to serve, and all the while, protecting and nurturing our tribe. I encourage everyone to contemplate these and related themes during this time, and to make the appropriate adjustments necessary for further success.


Rev Bill

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