Happy Full Moon Leo


Wow, what an interesting lunar cycle its been! Let’s take a quick moment to look at the current scenario we have, astrologically speaking, and address some things that people have been asking me about over the last lunar month. Currently, here’s what’s happening: Mercury is retrograde, so if you’ve been having communication challenges, this is where it has been coming from. Let’s look at another facet of that, too, to shed some more light on things. Since Mercury went retrograde in one of its own signs, it is a little more powerful than other times. And the fact that it went retrograde in an earth sign means that things of a more physical nature have been affected. This can cover everything from computers to vehicles. So this is what I like to call phase 1.

Phase 2 is the fact that it has been a waxing moon for the last two weeks. This means that the energy has been increasing, and that is why things are a little more spiked than normal. So thus, it means extra energy thrown into the mix. Mercury went retrograde on a waxing moon phase, and thus its effects have been strong, too.

Phase 3 is the one that most people don’t know about, and this is the phase that is causing a HUGE amount of headaches, and has been since before Mercury went retrograde, yet it is the least known about. This is the fact that currently there is a huge T-square that has been hanging out for awhile. A T-square is an aspect pattern that is challenging in manifestation, and yet it identifies growth opportunities. So in other words, its challenging, but can be worked with. Its the planets involved that makes it a little more challenging than other aspect patterns. However, this is being caused by transiting planets, and thus already, the effects are beginning to diminish, even with this writing. This T-square is Mars (aggressive, energetic, masculine), squaring Pluto (its bigger brother, only more focused on transformation, albeit sometimes swift), and there’s a square between Mars and Saturn (lessons, karma, grounding). So you have this aspect pattern as the curtain backdrop, Mercury at center stage, and an aggressive Mercury with energy behind it at that! And of course things are emotionally and energetically charged at that, because of the Moon!


Remember everyone, this is all just a ride. And now that you know the astrological side of things, my prayer for all of us is that we are mindful of the planets, stars, and their effects on us, as we proceed through the next half of the Mercury retrograde, knowing that the T-square is already dissipating, and we’re on a waning moon, so the energy is decreased. Whew!



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