Happy Full Moon Leo


We are at the time of the Full Moon.  This is the time of the month when the incoming energy is at its peak. It is a wonderful time to meditate, and to work on bringing in more light to assist with spiritual growth.  The Sun is in Leo, which means that it is a wonderful time to focus on such things as creativity, resolve, strength of will, and all things related to the development of the soul.

Leo is considered fixed fire. This means that it is as primal and static as the Sun. As a matter of fact, the Sun is the ruling ‘planet’ of Leo. The fact that it is fixed means that it likes its patterns and routines.  On a deeper level, the fact that it is fixed speaks to the immortal nature of the soul, and the eternal flame that burns in each and every being’s heart.  We are all made of star matter, and thus, each of us is made of the same material as a star. Therefore, at the core of each of us, is a strongly burning fire. That fire is the fire of purification.  As we become more of our soular selves, more of the lower parts of our personality selves that were lead become gold.  And, on that parting note, I leave you with one word to ponder: alchemy.


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