Happy full moon Gemini/lunar eclipse!

Today is the full moon, and we also have a lunar eclipse. Many of you probably saw my Facebook posts last night, and perhaps even wondered why I took the approach I did. The answer to this lies in the energies of this full moon.

The Sun is in Gemini, which is a mutable air sign, and the Moon is in Sagittarius, which is a mutable fire sign. Key words of Gemini are personal communication, the personal computer, siblings, and short journeys. Key words of Sagittarius are long journeys, alchemy, spirituality, and truth speaking.

Gemini is a human sign, and thus a more human approach is taken when this energy is strong. Sagittarius is half human and half animal energy, which manifests as the centaur.

When addressing the energies of Sagittarius, there can be a lot of emphasis on truth speaking and conviction. Sagittarius is known as being a sign that is very focused; hence my references to courage and integrity. With the human influence of Gemini thrown into the mix, this can paint quite a dynamic picture. There is a certain level of irony here, as both signs are known as being adaptable. But both signs are strong in their own ways, as it takes a strong core that can be relied on, while adapting due to evolutionary demands.

Existentially, that was the point I was making last night. Develop that strong inner core so that when adaptation is wise, the core is not lost, but rather enhanced.

Why is this important now? This full moon is a celebration of humanity, and humans are highly adaptive. During this full moon, the opportunity is there to reaffirm our individual core, while recognizing that adaptation is the way things evolve, grow, and change. By honoring this, we live more of a human life, and control our animal nature.


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  1. Laura Hediger
    Posted June 18, 2011 at 4:28 am | Permalink

    That sounds like the reading I got last sunday.