Happy Full Moon Gemini/Festival of Humanity


This last Friday we had the full moon in Gemini, which is known as the festival of humanity in the esoteric tradition. This blog is late because I was at the Babalon Rising Festival, and internet connectivity wasn’t very easy to come by. However, attending that very event illustrates what this full moon is about.

This is the time when which it is wise to reflect upon all of the accomplishments of the human species. These accomplishments include things like all of the arts, architecture, and culture that we have created. I use these here to illustrate the range of accomplishments, but there are many more than just these; these simply give points of perspective. The fact that I was presenting at a festival focused on spiritual and personal growth speaks volumes. These are the kinds of accomplishments that have made. Spiritual and personal growth and understanding is occurring at an increased rate across the world currently, which is part of the reason we have such polarity in society.

Polarity is a concept that corresponds to this full moon very well as the sign Gemini is the sign of the twins, and is therefore correspondent to a polarity based perspective. We often times see things through a polarity lens, and this can be taken as simply as “as above, so below,” all the way to understanding that if something is true, so is it’s opposite. This also covers topics such as within and without. By understanding this concept, we put ourselves in greater control of our lives, for we develop the ability to discern when it is wise to work with polarity in all of its forms. Individualized consciousness leads to seeing the world through a polarity based lens, and that is something that our species is known for.

At this time, I encourage you to reflect on the accomplishments of humanity, as well as your own personal accomplishments. What have you done that has contributed to the evolution of the species? How have you perpetuated evolution?




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