Happy Full Moon Gemini!


Today we have the full moon in Gemini, with the Sun in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius. Esoterically speaking this is the “Festival of Humanity,” and celebrates all of the accomplishments that we as a species have accomplished.

A lot of times we emphasize broad concepts like world peace or world healing, but sometimes what gets lost is the individual, and in this case, we are the individuals. The Hermetic axiom is just as true now as it was thousands of years ago: “As above, so below, as within so without,” and often times it is wise to remind ourselves of this. It is too easy to get lost in the morass of the nebulosity that is the bigger picture, and regaining this balance is something that I would like to address in this brief blog.

It is very easy for us to see the big picture because we are inundated with it each and every day from a variety of media outlets. We are constantly sent messages that have to do with a lot of things happening in a lot of places throughout the world. In this way programming is attempted. The programming that is occurring is in our brains, and is being guided by those that send the information. In days gone past this covered only a city or a geographical area, but in this day and age the range is the globe and even space itself. Because of this we can easily see the bigger picture, but often times our minds focus on this, and we put so much of our attention on the outside that we unintentionally neglect the inside and the personal.

So, I would like to leave you with these questions to stimulate interest on the personal side of life. After all, the human species is made up of a whole bunch of individuals. When was the last time you celebrated your own accomplishments? How have you contributed to the nebulous world peace by creating peace in your own life? What will be made of this mental inventory? Where will you begin to tie that which is above to that which is below? Who will you start with? Hint: That last question is you. Everything in this multiverse begins with you, no matter where you are on the path, for it is through a series of effects produced by us en masse that we can obtain the “above.”


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