Happy Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer


This morning is the full moon in Cancer. This one is extra special because there is an eclipse. Because of that, I am going to focus on more of the technical side of astrology for this blog. To begin with, eclipses are a major forecasting factor in astrology. If this eclipse is around your Sun and/or your Moon, you may be in for quite a year! This could be a year of a lot of motion and change. One thing to watch out for is your health.

So, let’s say that your Sun and Moon are not impacted by this. The next step would be to look at your chart and see where the eclipse occurs. The house placement gives insight into what area of life may be impacted by the eclipse. For example, if it is occurring in the 2nd house, which is the house of resources and resource management, then this year may be impacted by change, possible upheaval, and/or attention being drawn to this.

The next thing to look at are the aspects that the eclipse will make, especially to the planets up through Saturn. By knowing your correspondences, you may then be able to see what may manifest. When it comes to planets outside of Saturn, things may take a more generational effect through this interplay.

No matter the case, one thing is for sure: in the near future things are going to be shaken up a bit! Just remember, it’s all just a ride!


Rev Bill

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