Happy Full Moon Capricorn!


This is going to be a slightly different style of blog than what long time readers may be accustomed to because we’re at the new beginning of a calendar year, and 2014 brought with it a lot of expansion in my world so I would like to take this opportunity to get everyone on the same page. To begin with, though, let’s discuss this full moon. You most likely noticed that I call this the full moon in Capricorn even though the moon itself is in the sign of Cancer. I do this because this is traditional astrology. There is actually an implication here that is a good starting point for learning astrology, and that implication is that the full moon occurs when the moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun. Thus the Sun is moving through Capricorn in the tropical zodiac, and at this time the Moon is moving through the opposite sign of Cancer. Yes, that means that in order to understand this, it would be wise to learn the signs and their opposites. Part of this also entails explaining that for my astrology work I work with the tropical zodiac. I realize this may be something that is confusing to those that are new to astrology, but quite frankly, if you’re new to astrology, the last thing I want to do is burden you with getting into the different types of astrology that are out there. I believe in keeping it simple at first.

It has been scientifically proven and well documented that a lot of things are affected by the Moon, such as ER visits, violent crime, veterinarian visits, and interesting calls to help desks across the globe. Thus you may find that during full moons things seem a little off kilter. This is nature at it’s finest, showing that the Moon affects more than just the tides. During this particular full moon it would be wise to work with the energy of the home life vs. the professional life. Finding a balance between the two, and then again bringing things more in line with your Will are two things that it would be wise to accomplish. However, emotions may be extra strong and/or out of sorts right now too, so it would be wise to be on guard against this. True, you may be fine with things, but you never know when someone in your personal paradigm isn’t, and thus they may bring drama to your door. I realize that all of this are broad strokes, but I simply want to establish a base line for you to work from. It is a new calendar year after all, so let’s all start fresh and renewed.

I believe in educating people in astrology in a very applicable way, and thus there are many things that I do for free in addition to my paid services such as classes. When I was learning astrology (pre-internet days), I invested a lot of money in books, etc, and while I have no regrets, in hindsight I also see how the learning process could have been done cheaper. In the age of the internet you’ll find plenty of websites that have astrology information as well as lessons, but I encourage discernment. I spend a lot of time online, and because of this I see crap everywhere, usually brought about by a misunderstanding of astrological principles. It is my intention to help you avoid falling prey to those shoddy sites. Oh, at this point I guess I should have told you that I’m a straight shooter and am generally very direct. Anyway, back to the discussion. Yes, there are quality sites out there too, but until discernment skills are developed, those might not be as flashy as other sites, so they may get missed. Nothing beats human interaction when it comes to learning astrology, which is true of every other science on the planet.

I write a blog monthly, timed with the full moon. I also do daily horoscope posts from my 418 Ascendant Facebook page, as well as monthly horoscopes for the metaphysical resource center Pathways on their website. Beginning on January 12th I will also be writing an astrological forecast column for a local St Louis paper called “The Pulse,” which is also available online. This is a monthly preview similar to what I write on the Pathways website, but the main difference is that it is broken down more on a week to week level. I also send out a free electronic newsletter every time that the Sun changes a sign in the tropical zodiac, which is once a month. To subscribe, simply contact me through here. There are also free basic astrology downloads on this website in the e-books section, so if you’re interested in learning, this may be a good starting point.

Other than all of the free services, I also teach in many different venues. Quite honestly I don’t want to bog you down with all of that in a blog context, so please check out my calendar of events on here, or reach me on my 418 Ascendant Facebook page. I also travel extensively and am expanding into the digital realm more and more, so if you’re curious, just let me know!

Earlier I mentioned that this is a good time to focus on the harmony between the home life and the professional life, and I believe it is now evident that I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on the professional side of things. Having accomplished that, now is the time for me to focus on my home life for the remainder of the day, so I bid you adieu with blessings of success in all endeavors and plans that you formulate and put into action at this time. As has been said many times: “So Mote It Be,” or, alternatively, “Aum Ha!”



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