Happy Full Moon Capricorn!


Tonight we have the wolf moon, which is one of the many names for this auspicious full moon of the year. This ia time of stalking, and of cold. During this full moon, we psychologically hunt our prey. We put our mind to the task of understanding something, no matter the subject. We begin to stalk those things that sustain us, and in so doing we come to find our own inner power.

Through this time of year we take what we need, yet we understand that we are only one part of the whole. We are simply doing what we have to, and then a true epiphany happens, for we realize that each person is executing that mindset in their own unique way, and let’s face it, some are scrupulous, and some are not.

It is this time of the year that the light is returning to earth, and because of this, you may find that things are heating up a bit, metaphorically and literally. This is the time that the predator formulates what is to come, and begins to look at the needs of the pack. The structure of the pack is looked at as well, and no matter the tribe, there is a certain structure to it. Through observing this, the wolf finds it’s role and enjoys it.

Wolf medicine is the medicine of the teacher, for through studying and understanding the wolf, we come to discover our own inner teaching voice. Through the use of this medicine, we come to realize paradoxes and roles, our positions and our yearnings. Through following this light, we come to realize that we are our own teacher, and that we can then help others. Wolf medicine may not stay in one’s life for a long period of time, but it will definitely assist one to grow. During this full moon I encourage you to contemplate this to find greater insight into where things go from here.



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