Happy Full Moon Capricorn


This is a time that has not occurred in 372 years, and because of this, things that we do during this time can be of the utmost import to our soul’s growth. Let’s face some facts; namely, that we are more self aware, spiritually speaking, than we were the last time something like this happened. We have greater access to tools to our spiritual growth than at any other time since this last occurrence. Then, what stands to reason, is that we are in a position to maximize what we can manifest during this time.

So, ‘gee Bill, why do you emphasize tools?’. It’s an easy answer. The fact of the matter is that our species is a tool using species. This is the time of year it would be wise to inventory our internal toolbox. What do we have to work with? What is it that we may be lacking in? Are we comfortable lacking in a certain tool using area? Are there tools that we know we need, but have not sought yet? Are there areas of our lives that are stagnant; that we know we need new tools for, but we don’t know what we don’t have? All of these questions, as well as others, may come to mind at this time of the year. And of course, the ones among us that understand all of this, know that the development of these tools is something that may be integral to our soul’s growth.

So what tool do we have currently at our disposal, regardless of restrictions? The answer, my friends, is in the stars. The answer is the simple sound ‘OM’. The reason for that is that over the course of the next few days, the potency and the power of the ‘Om’ is increased and enhanced. The work we do with that seed sound from Sanskrit over the course of the next few days may be amplified, as the current core of our galaxy is, for all practical purposes, sitting in the same point in the sky as the lunar Eclipse that just occurred. Effects ripple out, and thus, we can tap into that current of energy in a very powerful and spiritually uplifting way.

Thus, I encourage all that read this to connect or reconnect with the sacred ‘Om’. Then, once this is established, it may be wise to begin the return journey to one’s own inner light. As the days begin to grow longer, so, too, does our inner flame of divinity get revitalized by this returning light.


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