Happy Full Moon Cancer!


Today we had the full moon in Cancer, and this one happened to be known as the “Super Moon” due to the size of the Moon when viewed from Earth. Needless to say, this got a lot of publicity because it is not a common thing, and because of this, the hype was out of this world. But what does that mean, truly?

In all actuality, from a scientific perspective, it simply means that the effect the moon has on us is stronger than a normal full moon. Have you noticed differences during this full moon? I know I have! This are very intense right now, and that’s just in my corner of the world. That’s the way that the super moon works. The normally amped up energy that is present during a full moon is more intense than normal, and because of that, we’re in a position to enact a lot more growth than during a regular full moon. Whatever focusing techniques we use, we may find more pronounced results overall during the course of the upcoming month. This may be particularly true regarding the harmonizing between the professional life and the home life. Capricorn corresponds to the career and occupation, and Cancer reflects the home, so during this time it is wise to tap into those correspondences. It’s also worth remembering that Capricorn energy is all about going it alone if necessary, and Cancer is the group energy, so you may find that now is a good time to take stock in what is what, so to speak. This is the time to review life areas to see where it would be wise to go it alone, and where it would be wise to interact with the community.

Finally, just because a super moon isn’t enough, it is wise to remember that we just had the Sun’s ingress into Cancer, which signified transitioning into summer, out of spring. The days will now become shorter, and the nights, longer. This is the season of growth, and because of this, now is the time to begin to pay attention to what is growing, and how it’s growing. We can begin to review our seeds planted to see what has taken root, and what hasn’t.

I encourage everyone to reflect on these ideas, and evaluate what is happening. By doing this, we can reallocate energy into more prosperous directions. We can also put ourselves into greater harmony with the life/home dichotomy, thus relieving stress and headaches.



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