Happy Full Moon Aries/Christian Easter


Friday marks the first full moon of the zodiacal year. This is the full moon Aries, as it is known. Because of the timing this year, I’m going to take a moment and explain Catholicism. You see, the Christian holy day of Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon in Aries. This tells us that at least this holy day is astrologically timed. Hence, this coming Sunday is astrologically timed, so a happy Easter to all!

In esoteric astrology, the first three full moons of the new astrological year have a phenomenal impact for the upcoming solar year. The first, which is this full moon, is that of Easter; the resurrection. Let’s take a moment to think about that. As one year dies, another year begins. Hence, the essence of this full moon is that of resurrection, but also of new beginnings. After all, this IS the first full moon of the zodiacal year. So when it comes to projects to do, and foci to create for the upcoming year, it is wise to focus on the goals, putting energy in their direction. New projects are best initiated now, as well as beginning new trends or behaviors.

To take things a step further down the esoteric rabbit hole, let’s look at the ray that is associated with it. In metaphysics, there are seven rays of color that have divine properties, so that by tapping into that color, you can tap into that energy. Each one of these rays have an ascended master that is associated with it. An ascended master is someone that is a little further along the path than us, but is choosing to work with humanity as a whole for their own evolution, rather than taking ascension. Each ray has one of these beings that are associated with it, embodying the essence of the ray in human form. The ray that can be tapped into during this full moon is the first ray, which is the ray of willpower. There are other correspondences, of course, such as astrological ones, and in this case, the planet Mars is associated with it. The ascended master is the master El Morya. Thus, he can be of assistance if one chooses to work with this ray. This is the ray of willpower, as stated above. It is also ruled by Mars, and hence its overall energetic is aggressive.

Aggression, focus, willpower, determination, stamina, endurance, competition, perseverance, and burning away the dross are all key ideas of this ray. It is wise to work with this ray in cases of wanting to develop and/or enhance these traits within one’s self. The burning away the dross requires a little more explanation, but I believe the rest speak for themselves. This is a ray of action.

The idea of burning away the dross comes to us through the western esoteric tradition of alchemy. It’s basic tenet is that fire burns away that which is not pure, and not helpful. Thus it strips out impurities. In spiritual alchemy, this is a stage that one goes through in order to purify the solar self. Hence, this ray can be used for purification as well as the above qualities.

So with all of this energy out there, what are you going to do with it? What steps will you take to harness and direct the ambient energy in the air? Most importantly, how much of that is focused on your spiritual goal?


Rev Bill

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