Happy Full Moon Aquarius!


Today we have the full moon in tropical Aquarius, with the moon being in Leo, it’s opposite sign. Energetically, this means that there is a tension in the air, but psycho-spiritually speaking, this also means that the psychic skills are sharper. This full moon is often times called the wolf moon, among other titles, but let’s pick it apart to see what we can do with it.

Often times Aquarius is associated with the concept and the energy of the group rather than the individual, which is a trait commonly associated with Leo. However, this does not mean that Aquarians are necessarily social people, but rather comprehensiveness is what is being addressed here. So for starters, we can look at one lesson to incorporate during this time: the solution that is best for all, or the solution that is best for the individual. Both of these ideas are mutually exclusive, but we all know that life is a sliding scale of grey rather than a world that is black and white, and therefore this tells us that many decisions we make will fall into the grey area of overlap that exists between these two polar opposites. However, this doesn’t mean we should ~only~ work within the sliding scale of grey, but rather when we look at solutions for situations, it is wise for us to keep these points in mind to make the appropriate decisions and responses for said circumstances. Thus this full moon is focused on meditating on this to make better decisions going forward.

Individuality is actually a common trait between these two signs. Both signs emphasize being your own unique individuality, and they embrace it on a creative level. How each sign manifests these expressions, though, are vastly different. This tells us you could also contemplate how you show your inner individuality in day to day life, when appropriate.

The two signs relate to the mind and solar plexus, commonly known as the seat of manifestation, and thus when they are harmonized within, they can produce clear intended manifestations on a level that has not been experienced before. This is the perfect time to set your vision and to plan your future with clear, focused, measurable results. During this time, review your plans, make the appropriate changes, and formulate the working plan to execute in order to bring your life in line with your Will and vision.


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