Happy Full Moon Aquarius!


As we know, a full moon happens when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs from each other, at the exact degree. In this case, it is occurring between Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius is the energy of groups, but also of the mind and the intellect. Leo is the energy of creativity, willpower, and leadership. They are opposite signs because Aquarius looks at what is best for all involved, whereas Leo looks at what is best for the individual. I’m not going to get into speculation and thoughts on that, but suffice to say for now that it represents the harmonization between the self and groups. Isn’t that quite profound, considering a lot of the socioeconomic climate that is present? To me, it seems like there’s a lot of this tension in the air right now. On one hand, a large group of people look at solutions that accommodate everyone, and on the other hand, a large group of people are looking at what is best for them individually, and them alone.

This polarity leads me to address another facet of Aquarius energy, and that is that Aquarius is the next age that we are entering into, moving forward and evolving from the Piscean age. Collectively as a species, we are moving into an age that addresses what is best for all involved rather than any one individual. I mentioned this briefly in my newsletter, but let’s look at it a little more closely. I really don’t like using politics as examples, but in this case it’s quite profound and revealing. On one hand, a global emphasis has been on groups of people wanting what is best for the masses, and on the other hand are groups of people that want what is best for them, with no consideration, empathy, sympathy, or focus on what is best for everyone. Here in America, this is present in many different ways, but the most stark example is regarding taxes. The rich are only looking after themselves, while everyone else in the nation is looking at what’s best for everyone involved. The Arab spring that began not too long ago embodied these ideas as well, in ways that are unique to their culture.

I’m not picking on any particular sign here, or political preference but I will say this: We’re moving into an age where doing what is best for everyone is the energy in the air, so as I learned when I was growing up in the tail end of the Viet Nam war, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” The days of being ego driven and simply doing what is best for one’s self with blatant disregard for what is best for everyone are over. They are dying out, much like other Piscean era themes. Other than politics, another way that this is represented is in religion and spirituality. More and more people are living their lives spiritually, rather than religiously, if you use the dictionary definition of religion. Fewer and fewer people are gravitating to organized religion. They are preferring to spiritually evolve on their own, and not really feeling a need for an intermediary between them and divinity. This is another keynote of the Aquarian age: being yourself. Aquarius is an energy that is associated with uniqueness and individuality. Because of this, the sign is also associated with high intelligence. For the astute reader, there are many other things that can be deduced from these traits.

However, as we all know, there can be too much of a good thing, and extremes in either direction can be bad. For example, it is wise to look at solutions for all, but not if it puts the self in harm’s way, and it is wise to look at solutions that are best for the individual, but only if it doesn’t hurt others (as a general rule of thumb). Of course the life lesson here is to do what’s best for the self, and the group, in a way that is middle of the road. Once the skill is cultivated, it can be quite easy to find that middle ground. However, cultivating that skill can sometimes take some work.

For this full moon, I encourage you to take a few moments and contemplate the incoming energies of the new aeon that we find ourselves in, and how we can successfully and prosperously navigate it. I also encourage a look inwards to see where things are out of harmony internally regarding these ideas, and how to correct it. This isn’t your parents’ aeon; it’s yours. Take it. Form it. Inflame yourself with it!


Rev Bill

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