Happy Festival of Humanity! Full Moon in Gemini


Not too long from now (at 6:07 pm CST) will be the exact full moon in Gemini. This is when the Sun is moving through the sign of Gemini, and the Moon is moving through the opposite sign, which in this case is the sign of Sagittarius. In esoteric astrology terms, this is known as the Festival of Humanity.

Since this is my first blog post on WordPress, this may be a little longer than normal. However, I feel it is necessary to lay some groundwork. For older full moon blogs, visit my Myspace account: http://www.myspace.com/418_ascendant. I have heard good things about WordPress, and decided to move the blog here for universal utility.

Each month this blog will be a revealing of “my” thoughts regarding the full moon. I put “my” in quotes because I am, among other things, a medium and an ordained Spiritualist minister, so a lot of my information comes from the innner planes, spirit guides, and spirit teachers.

Let’s accept the fact that there have been many scientific studies that have been done over the course of the last several years that have charted what effect the full moon has on the world around us. Among other subjects, crimes and trips to the vet go up during the full moon time of the month. In astrological terms, light, which equals energy, is amplified by the full moon. In a sense, the full moon of the month is potent because energy is at its height. This occurs approximately every 28 days. The astrological year begins with Aries, which always begins at Spring Equinox.

Esoteric astrology is a certain branch of astrology that focuses more on the hidden and spiritual side of astrology. One of the teachings that comes from this is that the first three full moons of the astrological year tell us how the rest of the astrological year is going to go. Thus, Easter (which is timed with the full moon in Aries), Wesak (full moon in Taurus), and the Festival of Humanity (full moon in Gemini) are to be celebrated as they are the trendsetters.

The Festival of Humanity is a time in which we celebrate our species that we call, vernacularly, humankind. This is an excellent time to reflect back on what, exactly, it is to be human. What separates us from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms? By default, this is an excellent time to embraced the works of art and creativity we have perpetuated. Also of note here is that this is also an excellent time to decide how to be of service to others of our kind for their greatest growth and good.

Gemini is associated with communication, adaptability, and humanity, among other things. The opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius. During this full moon, you have the Sun in Gemini, and the Moon in Sagittarius. I point this out because Sagittarius has much value as well, and by working with Sagittarius energy during this time, we may find that we are coming closer into contact with our lunar side. In this instance, lunar refers to that part of us that is intuitive, feminine, sometimes hidden, and emotional. Sagittarius is associated with journeying, truth, foreign lands and foreign cultures, spirituality (not religion), the higher mind, alchemy, and philosophy, among other things.

Therefore, during this full moon time, by embracing the best and the brightest of the species, we are furthering our spiritual evolution. So you ask about the opposite part of the species; the part that’s destructive and not so good? I don’t downplay the impact that has had on our mother Earth. However, by focusing on the brightest, we are activating a universal law: the law of attraction. An excellent metaphor for this is: “If you are anti-war, don’t go to an anti-war rally, go to a pro-peace rally!”

How we orient our perspective can be a powerful tool. I ask everyone to contemplate or meditate on the heights of humanity on this evening, and reflect on our co-creative part in the creative process known as evolution.


Rev Bill

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