Happy Full Moon Virgo/Lunar Eclipse!

In just a few hours we have the full moon in Virgo with a lunar eclipse, and the main theme of this eclipse is “changes.” This calendar year has been quite the roller coaster, and for a long time now it has seemed like it wouldn’t end. Well, I won’t tell you it is ending, but I will tell you that changes are in the wind, and these changes will be in line with what’s for your greatest growth and good, so whether or not they’re positive, it’s up to you, but a few months or years from now you may find this is a pivotal point in your evolution. As a matter of fact, this is such a pivotal time that the crazy articles have once again been popping up, as they do from time to time. My favorite one is something to the effect of “Blah blah blah, your sign is different, blah blah blah.” Um, no. However, this does in some ways illustrate a shift that is occurring, and that is the shift of more modern spirituality stepping into the spotlight.

The crux of this eclipse and full moon lies in the axle between Virgo and Pisces, the day to day work and the spiritually uplifting. Therefore we can expect changes in the day to day, but spiritually themed, to occur now and in the near future, and the bulk of these changes will be internal in manifestation. This is the time when necessary changes can occur, and the friction that causes them is the current activity in Sagittarius with Neptune and Mars, triggering the changes. The Pisces energy is the uplifting and the spiritual, but the Sagittarius energy is on individual spirituality and the spiritual journey, while Virgo is the physical application of your path in your day to day life. Thus we now know where to focus our energy, and with this Mercury retrograde, we know that resolution is the name of the game.

Oh, and that silly little thing that’s going around right now about different signs? Yeah, you can disregard that. Astronomers are not astrologers for one, and for two, this is something that astrologers have known about since astronomy began. But anyway…..


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