Happy Full Moon Taurus!

Today we have the Full Moon with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, and what an intense period it has been! This is a characteristic of intense Scorpio passion, and has been dynamic because of the tension present between the Sun and the Moon. Oh, and that echo of Mercury retrograde you’ve been feeling? Well, that is the abnormally long Mercury Uranus conjunction that has been hanging out, which has been messing with electronics and all things mechanical. Oh, and there is a grant fire trine as well, so there’s lots of fiery energy in the air on top of it. This is happening with the soul’s focus (North Node of the Moon), The aforementioned Mercury Uranus conjunction, and Saturn in Sagittarius. See? Of course if you look closely enough you’ll find Saturn up in this. So communication, spiritual and personal growth, lessons, and karma are the main themes right now, but in fiery and passionate ways. Oh, and the Sun is at the Midpoint of the Mercury Mars sextile occurring, so the Sun is more or less the trigger for making everything happen.

So what do we do with this information? We can find some guidance here by remembering that the Full Moon in Taurus is the festival of Wesak, which celebrates the birth and ascension of Lord Buddha into Shamballah, thus formally joining the Hierarchy to assist in the development of the species when it comes to the wisdom aspect. So, in the middle of all of these profound changes, this becomes our guiding light. In other words, one of the best things you can do to celebrate this auspicious time is to meditate, not just for personal growth, but also to get in touch with your sacred center, your core. If you’re feeling off or pulled one way or another, then take this time to simply “be.” Center, and receive personal gnosis to assist you with guidance, and if you are one of those people that are not off at the moment, then this is an opportunity to be of service by taking some time in meditation to contact the beings that guide our evolution.

The only constant is change, and it is the most adaptable of the species that survives, so now is the time for adaptation to lay the groundwork for the August eclipse, which is probably going to take center stage in big ways as we get closer to it. So, knowing that, we can start to prepare now for what is to come.


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