Happy Full Moon Taurus!

Earlier today we had the full moon in Scorpio with the Sun in Taurus, and thus the two signs were at polar opposites, meaning that there was a tension in the air, energetically speaking, and I don’t know about you, but I saw a lot of that yesterday! Scorpio is the sign of transformation, but also of death, and there has been a lot of death over the last few days. As most people know, usually Scorpio represents metaphorical death, but sometimes this can be literal death, as was the case over the last 24 hours or so. However, as most of us know, death is simply another doorway, and we find ourselves at the threshold, being reminded that nothing is permanent, and we should enjoy what we can when we can, for we never know when it will be gone. Some people say this is living in the now, and that is true, but it is also true that this reminds us of detachment. Being detached doesn’t mean being uncaring, but rather being in control of our emotions and reactions to things, and not letting them dictate our behavior.

Scorpio energy also corresponds to being focused, passionate, and driven, while the energy of Taurus is slow and steady, hard working, consistent, and disciplined. These are key things to remember at this time because the more the internet develops and the more information is shared, the harder we have to work to cut through the crap to get to the true gems. For example, there’s this article floating around social media right now trying to scare people, and it says something to the effect that for the first time in 10 years, five planets will be retrograde! Well, let me first put your concerns to rest and say that is not even true in the slightest, and the author of said article is trying to scare you. This also means then, that the website it’s on supports fear mongering by default for posting such drivel. The last time five planets were retrograde was July and August of last year! Wow, last year was ten years ago? Holy crap! Man, time flies! I pursue this tangent here for two reasons: 1) shaming that fraudulent article that preys on the ignorance of others in true predatory fashion, and 2) as an example of the almost ever increasing need for discernment in modern times. While this is very Scorpio, it is also very Taurus because in order to sharpen our discernment skills, it is wise to do so diligently, never thinking that we’ve reached some sort of pinnacle of achievement. There will always be new subjects and situations that will arise that will require discernment, so it would be wise to be ever vigilant, and, as Circle of Light church emphasizes, to protect our light against threats of loss. By dulling our senses, vampiric beings try to suck the life out of us, but we are in the perfect position to say NO! As we continue to move through the sign of Taurus, let us remember this, and let us make a pact with ourselves to be mentally ever vigilant, for there are those that will darken our doorway, and to them we should emblazen the situation with the light of reason, logic, and fact, burning away the lower vibrations in exchange for the higher.

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