Happy Full Moon Scorpio!


Today we have the full moon in Scorpio. So tell me: when you hear about the energies of Scorpio, what do you think of? At its essence, what is thought about, is what it hidden from view. No matter what you read, it all comes down to what is perceived, and what is hidden. Let’s put that into context of the chart. Now notice that I am making no disagreements or disagreements, but rather, I am simply accepting the fact that there is the obvious, and there is the veiled. Thus, the question becomes: How is all of this reflected in the chart? Well, ask, and ye shall receive.

The revealed, as it were, is revealed in that there are particular details to pay attention to in an astrological chart that can provide great insight into how to work with things.

A lot of this is indicated by the houses in the chart. The more populated a particular sign and/or house is, the more prevalent that life area is during this incarnation. But, there are things to know about this that can be worked with. I get a lot of people asking that, if they have an empty house; does that mean they are helpless or powerless? The answer, quite simply, is “No, you’re not helpless.” True story, right there. Long story short, and without getting into a lot of senseless astro-jargon; the fact of the matter is that if there is a planet in a particular house, then you have more control over working with it or not, as the case may be. If there is no planet in the chart, then that tells us that it is a little harder to work with the energy, because no planet “grounds” it, but rather you are more in control in how the affairs of that house may manifest; not being confined to one dominant energetic.

Why does this come up when the Sun is in Scorpio? Quite honestly, this comes up because there are things that are hidden and obvious, and by knowing what is going on where in the chart, you put yourself in a position to know what is revealed to you, and what is more loose, and by knowing this, you put yourself in a position to know what you can exercise control over, and what you can’t, and by developing the discernment between the two, you increase your own personal power.

This is the time of power. This is the time of personal power bleeding over into physical manifestation. If you have houses that are mostly empty, then you are in control. If you have houses that are mostly occupied, then by working with the energies of those planets, you can control to a greater extent the affairs of that house. And don’t forget your aspects.

This is the time of year of increasing personal power. I love this time of year. Do you? Do you have what it takes? I know I do, and that I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming dance on December 21, 2012!



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