Happy Full Moon Sagittarius!

Today we have the full moon Sagittarius, with the moon herself in Gemini, the opposite sign, and let’s face facts: this is simply kicking of the next couple of weeks in 2016. I’m going to go a little into the technical side of astrology here, but I’ll keep it brief and do my best to make it clear. Right now, the configuration in the sky is one of tension and pressure, so if you’re feeling those ways, you are simply picking up on the ambient energy in the air. So yes, we still have celebrities (and everyone else, too, let’s not forget them) transitioning into spirit at a high rate. Yes, there are still things changing around us. Yes, there are things occurring we don’t like. Yes, we are in a position to do something about it. Wait a minute, what did I just say? Yes, you guessed it. Now in this case I’m not talking about the physical world around us. As a channeled message I got from one of my spirit guides reminded me: “The machine marches on.” In other words, time, the machine, Uriel, whatever name you use for structure and stability, marches on. All we can do is what we can do, and what we can do, we decide for ourselves. There is one thing though, that doesn’t cost a dime to do, and can yield the greatest results, and that is be a decent and compassionate human being.

How do we do this? It’s simple, really. As a matter of fact, Charles Darwin said it best when he proclaimed it is not the strongest that survives. It is the most adaptable. Or something like that, to paraphrase. We adapt. That’s where the tension is at right now from an astrological perspective. How we adapt is an individual free will choice, but adaptation is the secret to surviving and thriving. Adaptation=s Mercury=s alchemy. Be your own alchemist and succeed in the midst of all of the changes and resolutions currently occurring. Do what you can when you can. Focus. We got this.


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